What can we do in our garden to prepare for spring

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What can we do in our garden to prepare for spring? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

It is full winter weather when we see snow on the mountains and continual rain showers although local fable promises us ‘the calms of January’ every year. Let’s see if they happen this year. As I frequently mention local farmers and gardeners always refer to the fazes of the moon or the Saints days or who knows what else to remind themselves of what needs doing in the garden. The waning moon is said to be the best time for cutting back or pruning and that is a never ending job . I mention it now because I had said some weeks back that I would put a reminder in about remembering to prune the Roses.

Here we add the Saints and the moon together. It is said, if you want roses for the Feast of Saint George in April you must have finished pruning them before the day of Saint Anthony. Well there won’t be any bonfire night this year but the Saints day will still come around next weekend on the calander to remind us to get things done. To be practical about Rosess Tess Kalinowski, they really must be cut back unless of course you have a rambling variety in which case it is just a matter of cutting off the longer shoots to keep it into the shape you want ithaving to turn down a call from Ontario just adds to that burden.

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Other Roses do need a cut right back to a foot or so off the ground every few years and an annual prune to just above a leaf joint, here again depending on what variety of Rose. They can occasionally produce a spur below its graft and that will revert back to a wild Rose so be sure to cut that right back to avoid the bush reverting to a wild Rose sometimes referred to as a Dog Rose.

No matter what or how, Roses grow on new growth so the main idea is to encourage new spurs that will eventually end up in a beautiful blooms. Keeping them well pruned should also encourage the shrub to stay as the veriety originally planted.

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