Wuhan was fined 30000 yuan for being near famous b

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Wuhan force coating "near famous brand" was fined 30000 yuan

Wuhan force coating "near famous brand" was fined 30000 yuan

June 17, 2008

[China coating information] registered a company in Hong Kong and went back to the mainland to authorize itself to produce near brand products. This "near brand" behavior has been repeatedly succeeded by some fraud companies in recent years. In view of this situation, our province has recently issued new regulations to crack down on "near famous brands", and enterprises near famous brands will be seriously punished

it is reported that recently, Caidian branch of industry and Commerce received a complaint from Guangdong China Resources Coatings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong China Resources) about the impact test low-temperature tank, saying that the oushimei brand paint marked "supervised by China Resources Coatings (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hong Kong China Resources)" on the production and sales package of Wuhan force Coatings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as force coatings) infringed the exclusive right of Guangdong China Resources to use trademarks

after investigation, Hong Kong China Resources is the legal representative of force coatings. In 2006, it spent 10000 yuan, and the global carbon fiber composite market was 941 billion yen (a company registered in Hong Kong in the name of others at the current exchange rate is equivalent to about 49 billion yuan. After the name was registered, he signed a formal letter of authorization with force paint in the name of Hong Kong China Resources to produce and sell products marked with the words of Hong Kong China Resources. In view of this phenomenon, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued the notice on carrying out special law enforcement against "near brand" unfair competition , it is clearly stipulated that such licensing behavior belongs to the behavior of "unauthorized use of other people's enterprise name or name", and the industry and Commerce will deal with it in accordance with the anti unfair competition law

it is reported that the above behavior of force coating has been judged as "near famous brand" by Caidian industrial and commercial department. At present, the company has been filed for investigation and fined 30000 yuan


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