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Analyzing the three application patterns of the survival and development of digital printing enterprises

the key to the survival and development of digital printing industry lies in many application needs. From the earliest Graphic Express Printing and government text printing, after years of development and accumulation, the application level of digital printing has gradually changed from quantitative to qualitative, and began to make new breakthroughs in application field, application format and application scale. First, the application field is colorful, large-scale and high-end. Affected by the economic environment, the application fields such as architectural graphics and bidding documents have declined, but the rise of applications in commerce, publishing, packaging and other industries has led to a year-on-year increase of 12.54% and a significant increase in print volume. The colorization of books is determined by the accelerated pace of the times; As one of the elements of enterprise brand marketing, packaging itself pays attention to visual and sensory effects. The publishing and packaging are mostly large-scale industrial production, which makes the application of digital printing in color products increase, large-scale applications increase and high-end demand increase. At the same time, some users began to try to apply digital printing machines for small batch production in the field of art reproduction and gifts, and various special applications emerged in endlessly, which increased the proportion of color printing in various application fields and expanded the scale of online printing. Moreover, more and more high-end applications began to appear, and the electrical measurement was far beyond the limit of level 0.5

Second, the application format is larger and longer. In the past, only A3 and A4 format were widely used in the field of government and enterprise printing and office. Now hpindigo10000 has reached the output format of B2 (four opening). Some sheet fed digital printers can support long paper printing. Coupled with the improvement and improvement of quality, the application of the whole digital printing market began to move towards larger format and higher-grade commercial applications, posters, advertisements Leaflets and other businesses have also opened the door of digital printing in the field of commercial large format short, flat and fast orders

Third, industrialization of application scale. As we all know, the characteristic of digital printing is that one piece starts printing, different pieces are available immediately. In the field of large printing volume and large production capacity, digital printing is not good at. The development of high-speed inkjet printing equipment has broken this situation. High speed inkjet printing technology enables the break even point between digital printing and traditional printing of books and periodicals to grow to 3000 copies on a large scale. From the perspective of application, the increase in the installed capacity of continuous paper digital printing equipment will increase the production capacity and reduce the average cost, which will promote the grade and pattern of digital printing to a new level. The philosophical issue of chicken laying eggs or egg laying chickens. Those who bought machines made great efforts to find living sources. Those who did not buy machines were considering how to maximize the input-output ratio, so the whole market was driven

to sum up, the new pattern of software and hardware suppliers, users and applications in the digital printing industry has laid a solid foundation for the further integration of digital printing and traditional printing


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