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The strength design of corrugated boxes for export is the most important part of material design. It not only affects the printing effect, but also affects the physical properties of corrugated boxes after forming

1. There is a close relationship between the water content of paper and the strength of corrugated box. When distributing paper to corrugated boxes, the weather conditions of various countries should be taken into account. For example, raw paper can be used as raw material in places where the weather is often dry; The corrugated boxes that are wet or need to be frozen and refrigerated can use waterproof paper as raw materials, so as to ensure that the physical properties of corrugated boxes are not affected by the change of air humidity. We can select the use of paper according to three different deterioration coefficients in the sn/t standard. Generally, corrugated boxes with shorter storage life can use paper with lower quantity and performance, and vice versa. As a manufacturer, we can adapt ourselves to the market

2. The state has formulated standards for corrugated boxes only used in China (gb6543) and corrugated boxes for export products (gb/t50 large experimental speed: 500mm/min; large 1000mm/min33). The various indexes of export corrugated boxes have been improved to a certain extent. Therefore, when we prepare paper, the raw paper used must have higher physical properties, such as ring pressure index. At the same time, the pulled out paperboard must also meet the provisions of gb5034 in terms of physical properties such as burst resistance, edge pressure and bonding. 3. the choice and use of ink, adhesive and varnish (film coating) should consider the laws and regulations of the destination country. In this regard, environmental protection requirements should be considered. For example, the printing ink can choose the internationally popular vegetable oil ink, which is very harmful to human body. At present, a large part of packaging printing in many European and American countries use flexographic printing as the main printing method. Flexographic printing uses solvent-free UV ink and water-based ink, which can minimize the harm and no environmental pollution. In a word, we should choose pollution-free materials as much as possible to avoid returning goods due to packaging problems, especially the packaging of products exported to the EU

key points for decoration design

1 The box shall be marked. Gb191 stipulates that the codes and codes specified by the commodity inspection department should be printed on the cartons, especially the batch number on the box, which is the focus of the strict inspection by the commodity inspection authorities and is also a point that many companies tend to ignore. It is necessary to write clearly the batch number of the box. The patterns and words on the box surface are clear and correct, the depth is consistent, and the position is correct. Now some mandatory products need to be printed with the "CCC" logo. During design, attention shall be paid to the update of current standards and the latest standards shall be used

2. The reference standards (international standards, commodity inspection standards and national standards) on the box shall be the latest standards. In order to be responsible for customers, manufacturers should update and enrich relevant knowledge frequently. The patterns on the box body should be determined according to the different cultures of different countries. We cannot imitate our domestic traditional practices. Simple and clear patterns and single colors are the first choice. People in every country have different preferences and many taboos, which deserve special attention in decoration design

attention should be paid to the process design. Now the law enforcement departments have blind spots.

there are many intermediate links in the forming process of corrugated boxes, which are also noteworthy in our design

1. Corrugated design is mainly the design of corrugated type. First, the ridge type is designed according to the characteristics of the contents, the transportation environment, the selected materials and the required strength. At present, there are several types of single corrugation and multi-layer corrugation, and each layer has a, B, C, etc. that can be selected according to needs (the national standard is very detailed and will not be described here)

2. Printing design. There are many printing methods to manufacture, recycle and reuse parts and wastes. The printing methods commonly used in corrugated boxes in China mainly include offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, etc. The change of printing method directly affects other processes and even the printing materials. For example, if you choose Coated Whiteboard, it is difficult to determine the flexibility of water-based ink, and it is difficult to print for plate printing. The process scheme can be comprehensively considered according to the characteristics of offset printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing and the design of other aspects

in a word, the design of export corrugated boxes includes the above aspects. Each aspect is not isolated, but interacts with each other. Only when every aspect is considered thoroughly, can corrugated boxes not become the bottleneck of export commodities. (end)

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