Chairman Liang Wengen's 2018 New Year's greetings

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Chairman Liang Wengen 201 affirmed the hardness of the material by the amount of strain energy stored (and then released) by the sample during the impact process (measured by the rebound height of the small hammer). The 8-year New Year greeting

law returns to spring gradually, and Vientiane begins to update. On behalf of the board of directors of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere New Year greetings to all Sany employees and sany families who have worked hard in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, to customers and partners who have given us great support and trust for a long time, and to friends from all walks of life who have always cared for and supported Sany

Liang Wengen, chairman of the first group

in the historical coordinates of the development of Sany, 2017 is destined to be an important node

this is a year of great concern. We were invited to attend the economic Symposium hosted by Premier Li Keqiang. The "excavator index" and the computer "root cloud" platform attracted the attention of the premier. Chairman Zhang Dejiang visited Sany and spoke highly of Sany as "a business card of China". We are deeply encouraged by the cordial care of the party and state leaders

this is a year of strong growth for us. The company's main products have achieved substantial growth, many business indicators of the enterprise have reached a record high, and new businesses are booming, and the Sany brand is increasingly shining. At the same time, we have started process reengineering to inject strong impetus into high-quality development

this is a year when our internationalization has accelerated, which can be roughly divided into pendulum tensile testing machine and universal tensile testing machine. In 2017, we made major breakthroughs in many overseas markets, with large orders obtained frequently, and internationalization continued to lead the industry; It was selected as one of the top 50 influential enterprises in the "the Belt and Road" initiative, and its internationalization achievements were highly recognized by relevant national departments

this is a year of cognitive upgrading. We have a deeper understanding of new technology, and the fixed achievements of laying out the other end of industrial interconnection in advance have gradually emerged. The "root cloud" platform has become one of China's three independent industrial interconnection platforms, helping "made in China overtake and walk in the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution.

we have gone through trials and tribulations all the way, and looking back, we have passed thousands of rivers and mountains. It is too late to lament the course of struggle, and the mission of" quality changes the world "has urged us to set sail in the new era

2018 is an important year for "made in China" to enter a new era. Facing the tide of the times and rare opportunities, in the new year, we will continue to cultivate the international market and firmly move forward on the "the Belt and Road"; We will continue to promote digital transformation and enhance our core competitiveness with intelligent manufacturing; We will start process reengineering in an all-round way, accumulate new momentum, radiate new vitality and achieve new leaps

never forget the original intention of serving the country through industry, and keep in mind and mission. Let's set out to contribute a world-class brand to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

here, I wish you all good health, family happiness and success in the New Year

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