Chairman Cheng Zhijun of Shandong Yanshan pump ind

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Chairman Cheng Zhijun of Shandong Yanshan pump industry visited Hefei General Machinery Research Institute

chairman Cheng Zhijun of Shandong Yanshan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. and his party visited Hefei Tong Machinery Research Institute with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance on April 9, and participated in the high temperature leak free process pump matching 2 When opening and closing the door or taking the test object from the furnace, do not let the object contact the rubber edge on the door, so as to prevent the rubber edge from being damaged and shorten the service life Set up a design scheme seminar to start the machine electricity and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity machines by many paper-making enterprises. Li Kun, the vice president, attended the meeting and introduced the development of our hospital to the guests

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