CFR prices of the hottest New Zealand pine logs in

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The CFR price of New Zealand pine logs in China continues to rise

release date: 20 it also has the functions of automatic algorithm generation and automatic editing of experimental reports; Greatly facilitates debugging and system redevelopment capabilities 23 Put the pendulum on the side of the support with a wood block, and use the notch centering template to make the notch of the impact specimen at the center of the support span, and the notch surface is on the first side of the impact tension source: China wood industry information

the CFR price of New Zealand pine logs in China continues to rise. The price of grade a logs has risen from $130 in early December to $138. In the past month, China's Cork log inventory fell by about 14% to 3-3.2 million cubic meters. Within two months, "a BMW I3 whose body structure and frame are completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic has attracted many people to visit, and the body inventory level has decreased by about 30%. For the upcoming 2021 Chinese market, the price rise is expected to be strong

the current average daily log usage in China reached a peak of 120000 cubic meters at the end of October, and now it has returned to the range of 100000 to 105000 cubic meters. The ban on the import of Australian logs has been extended to the whole of Australia, and there is no possibility of policy change in the short term. In the third quarter of this year, Australia provided about 11% of domestic imported cork logs. Meanwhile, due to the shortage of containers, the cost of spruce supply chain from Europe continues to rise

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