CGI international invested 200000 US dollars in gl

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CGI international invested US $200000 in the research and development of glass products

fire prevention is developing towards the high-tech direction of "functionality, ecology and high-end". Glass manufacturer CGI international will invest US $200000 in the research and development of new glass products to meet the requirements of modern building safety design

at present, the company has built a new art

art level R & D laboratory in Merseyside headquarters, and will take further innovation measures to hire expert technicians, and continue to promote the comprehensive transformation and product innovation of 45m2 laboratory wiring, plumbing, ventilation, heating and lighting according to the inspection needs, so as to improve the performance of safety glass products

Dr. Vince crook will be responsible for the performance testing and R & D of CGI laminated glass. Dr. Vince crook has more than 7 years of research experience in fire retardant coatings and comprehensive products. The fire-proof glass products he studies have efficient fire prevention and fire-proof performance

cgi director Phill Millward commented, "contemporary building developers are currently facing new challenges. Modern building design requires practicality, beauty, environmental protection, energy conservation, health and safety. Our R & D investment focuses on continuous improvement and innovation, so that CGI can develop multifunctional, high temperature resistant safety glass."

cgi fire safety glass includes pyroguard and pyroguard series. The fireproof insulation time of the product varies according to the thickness of the glass, ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes

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