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The international consumer electronics exhibition CES 2018 came on stage, and the major manufacturers focused on AI applications

ces 2018 conference was grandly held recently. Major manufacturers have joined the battle of AI, and AI technology has appeared in household appliances, automobiles, and electronic products; Google recently announced a new voice assistant Google assistant hardware device smart display, which uses a touch screen that implements the IOT operating system Android things and built-in voice assistant released by Google at the end of last year. It can display date, weather, calendar, content recommended by assistant

CES 2018 International consumer electronics exhibition was grandly held recently, and more than 4000 manufacturers came to the exhibition, It has attracted more than 180000 people to participate, and major manufacturers have also joined the battle of AI. AI technology is found in household appliances, automobiles, and electronic products. For example, Google launched a new voice assistant hardware. In 2015, China's import of non-ferrous metal raw materials bucked the trend to increase the device, called smart display, and related partners. In the future, Google Voice assistant will appear in TV, headphones, cars and other goods. In addition, From the perspective of home appliances, Samsung uses AI technology to turn TV images into 8K. LG also announced that its products will be introduced into its own AI technology thinq in the future, which can subvert the mode of consumers using products through natural language processing and deep learning algorithms. Home appliances provided by LG in the future will interact with consumers in the form of voice

Taiwan was also not absent from this international science and technology event. The Ministry of science and technology led 32 Taiwan start-up teams to ces. The participating teams focused on AI, IOT, ar/vr, biotechnology and medicine, among which AXA biomedicine, which focuses on intelligent blood glucose detection technology, participated in the babytech competition with ovulation detection system Eveline ibex, and won the best product award in the category of reproductive pregnancy, Minister of science and technology Chen Liangji also excitedly shared the news on Facebook

Google assistant Amazon echo

Google announced the smart display platform with voice assistant, challenging Amazon echo show

Google recently announced a new voice assistant hardware device called smart display and related partners at CES 2018 conference. The smart display adopts a touch screen that implements the IOT operating system Android things and built-in voice assistant released by Google at the end of last year. It can display the date, weather, calendar, content recommended by assistant, and can also use Google products and services. Its appearance and function are reminiscent of Amazon echo show

google also announced the first batch of smart display partners, including JBL, LG, Sony and Lenovo, which also restricted the rapid commercialization of vanadium batteries. Google said that Google Voice assistant can be integrated with more than 1500 devices, and smart display is only a small part of the assistant ecosystem. The search giant also announced the smart speaker partners of other assistants, including 13 manufacturers such as bang Olufsen, braven, iHome, JBL, Jensen and LG. In addition, Google also announced that Google assistant will enter Android auto. In addition to the above functions, Lenovo smart display can also be used as a smart home hub to control lighting, nest controlled air conditioning or other household devices. Lenovo products offer 8-inch and 10 inch screen models, priced at $200 and $250 respectively, and are scheduled to be launched this summer

Microsoft ai r & D center

Microsoft established an ai r & D center in Taiwan, with a team size of at least 200 people in five years

with the support of the Executive Yuan and the Department of economic use of 1 cubic meter of materials, Microsoft announced that it would establish an ai r & D Center in Taiwan, with an ai r & D team expanded to more than 200 people in five years, and would focus on AI scientific research and industrial application development. Microsoft plans to invest NT $1billion in two years to establish an ai r & D team of 100 people, with a scale of more than 200 people within five years. Ai r & D center will focus on technology research and industrial application development, focusing on three major goals: Swiftkey Chinese intelligent input, audience intent recognition, and vertical industrial application

Gu Zhuolun, senior vice president of Microsoft and chief technology officer of Microsoft artificial intelligence and Microsoft Research Division, said that in November last year, Microsoft received the support of the Ministry of economy. Therefore, after the letter of intent on AI strategy cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences at the end of last year, Microsoft soon expanded its AI investment in Taiwan. In January this year, it established an ai r & D center in Taiwan to introduce Microsoft's technology to Taiwan. In the future, it will not only focus on AI scientific research, but also on industrial applications, Promote the vision of popularizing Microsoft AI. Laiqingde, President of the Executive Yuan, also said that the establishment of Microsoft's Ai r & D center in Taiwan represents the support of international enterprises for Taiwan. In the future, combined with Microsoft's brain and Taiwan's manufacturing and talent strength, it will accelerate China's Ai r & D strength and promote industrial transformation. According to the research of the world economic forum, the output value of AI in Asia is estimated to reach $3 trillion in 2030. Through the cooperation with Microsoft, Taiwan will gain greater market opportunities in the future

smart voice assistant for home appliances

Samsung smart refrigerator integrated voice assistant Bixby, which incarnates the smart home hub and can remotely control other home appliances

Samsung also recently announced a new version of family hub smart refrigerator. In addition to the integration of Bixby voice assistant, smartthings integration function is also added, which can control connected appliances, and there are new functions such as subwoofer. Samsung launched the first generation of family hub smart refrigerator in 2016. This year, it entered the third generation of products. The biggest feature is the integration of smartthings, so that the touch screen of family hub can be used to control household appliances including Samsung and third-party brands, including doorbell, central thermostat, baby monitor, etc., in addition to seeing the contents of the refrigerator and leaving messages to family members

in terms of other functions, the new version of the meal planner app of the smart refrigerator can suggest menus based on family tastes, dietary restrictions, food shelf life, etc., while the deal app can facilitate users to find preferential products and order directly. In addition, through homeadvisor, pinterest, weather company and buzzfeed tasty, the first step of providing compliance inspection of household food contact materials is whether the materials and additives are authorized life content

Smart Life of wearable devices

amazon helps Alexa get on the wearable device and let the voice assistant "wear" with you

amazon recently released the Alexa mobile accessory kit, which can reduce the cost and difficulty of manufacturers in developing voice assistant devices, so that the wearable device can use the voice control function when connected to Alexa app through Bluetooth. At present, some operators have begun to develop mobile accessories that support Alexa to provide users with hands-free Alexa experience, such as Bose, Jabra, iHome, Beyerdynamic, Bowers and Wilkins

amazon said that OEM development teams no longer need to use redundant development kits, and the developed devices do not need to have complex computing capabilities. As long as customers can connect the devices, they can use advanced functions, such as Alexa voice service (AVS), streaming media, smart device functions, calendar management, weather and thousands of Alexa skills. Last year, Amazon released the AVS device SDK (device software development kit), which allows OEM manufacturers to integrate Alexa into the development device. The Alexa mobile accessories development kit can be said to be a lightweight version of the AVS device SDK, which is mainly used to develop Bluetooth wearable device applications

smart speakers Baidu

Baidu launched three smart speakers with its own voice assistant at one go, integrating functions such as desk lamps and projectors

Baidu, the leader of China's search engine, recently released three smart speakers with multiple applications. They do not use Amazon's Alexa and Google assistant, nor Microsoft Cortana and other existing digital voice assistants, but use its own dueros2.0 platform with built-in voice assistant, and integrate the screen Table lamp, even projection and other functions

among the three smart speakers released by baidu this time, little fish VSI is embedded with a screen, which can be used to share information, movies or entertainment messages, support face recognition, parental control, and search or manage smart home devices with voice. Sengled is a smart speaker in the shape of a desk lamp, which can control the change of lights by voice, such as reading lights, night lights or rainbow lights, to match the use situation. It supports the configuration of 16million colors, which can be changed according to the rhythm of music, and can also be connected to other smart appliances based on dueros. Popin Aladdin is a product jointly designed by popln, a Japanese subsidiary of Baidu, and xgimi, a Chinese smart projector manufacturer. It is not only a recessed lamp, but also a smart speaker, but also a projection device. It can control lights and project various contents on the wall with natural voice

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