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The chairman of caterpillar foundation interprets the similarities and differences of global public welfare projects

the chairman of caterpillar foundation interprets the similarities and differences of global public welfare projects

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on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of caterpillar's founding in China, caterpillar made a monkey named "Jianhui" talk to Sina public welfare like the iron soldier in Avatar. The following is the detailed interpretation of the caterpillar foundation on the differentiated operation of public welfare projects worldwide:

Michele, chairman of the caterpillar Foundation: there are several aspects. First, two years ago, we changed the strategy of the entire caterpillar foundation, and we will pay more attention to the root causes of the challenges facing mankind. In other words, we don't just focus on the end of the whole process, or we just provide food. We would prefer to know why they don't have enough food, and what is the fundamental reason? We pay more attention to the root causes of the challenges faced by mankind

second, when looking at these different public welfare activities, we will think, what kind of activities will bring the best return to our society, that is, a certain amount of RMB or US dollars can cover more people after investment, or the largest people can benefit from it, which is the same as the concept of return on investment of enterprises. For the foundation, my return on investment depends on my contribution to mankind

so, to sum up, there are two points. The first point concerns the root causes of human problems and challenges; Second, we will see what areas we can invest in to reach the widest range of people, and also ensure that it is sustainable. That is, as the Chinese say, it is better to teach people to fish than to receive people to fish. In many cases, we have found that if we are to help women and girls, we can actually bring good returns that can only be put into use after passing strict tests. Of course, this does not mean that we exclude boys or men. We will also help men and pay attention to men and boys. But we found that the attention to girls and women will make the whole family get more benefits from it

next, I would like to add two points, that is, in what aspects our foundation has its own characteristics, and whether we will have some conflicts with enterprises. These two points I want to say are also two projects we do in China

first, our employee donation matching plan. Just mentioned that caterpillar employees will have a lot of volunteer activities in their communities. What we need to do now is that based on the donations made by employees, caterpillar foundation also has a matching donation scheme based on employee donations. This is also the first time we have made such plans and programs in markets outside the United States

on the other hand, we will pay attention to disaster relief. China foundation for poverty alleviation is also a leading foundation in disaster preparedness and mitigation in China, so we cooperate with China foundation for poverty alleviation to provide a fund for China foundation for poverty alleviation at the beginning of each year. This fund can be used to prepare for possible disasters in advance, including corresponding training and materials needed in disaster relief. We found that if the disaster had happened, it would be too late for you to make preparations. This project is also a good reflection of our previous focus on the root causes and basic reasons for the challenges faced by mankind. Therefore, through this cooperation, we should ensure that the donated funds can help to do a good job of training before the disaster, and when we need something after the disaster, we can prepare in advance. Therefore, these two projects are also very distinctive projects we do in China

Xiao Yan, head of caterpillar foundation in China: in fact, we have had similar lessons before, such as Hurricane Katrina in the United States a few years ago. When such a major disaster occurs, our traditional way is to donate when the disaster occurs. When you donate, because the money is earmarked for Hurricane Katrina disaster relief, a situation occurs: when a major disaster occurs, many resources in society tend to say that we must support it, This means that the funds you give are earmarked to help the people affected by Hurricane Katrina. In the operation of many NGOs, there is a principle that the designated funds cannot be arbitrarily misappropriated. In other words, there may be many other disasters at the same time, but because this money is designated for the Katrina plan, it cannot be misappropriated. In fact, 24 hours, 48 hours and three days after the disaster, there are still a large number of donated funds. In fact, the emergency relief period has passed, which leads to a large number of funds still left in NGO accounts. We have read similar reports before, criticizing many charitable organizations for not using funds in disaster relief in time. In fact, sometimes it's not that they don't use it in time, but that the rescue period has really passed. Although there are too many donations, too many donations cannot be spent casually, so we have to let the funds lie on the account, which is very detrimental to the effective use of funds. Therefore, we now make donations in advance. For example, we cooperate with the Red Cross Society in the United States and the poverty alleviation foundation in China. In this way, the disaster preparedness and disaster relief funds we invest can ensure that every penny will not be idle in the account. The poverty alleviation foundation has this freedom, and it can be prepared in advance when any disaster occurs, The funds can be used in disaster prevention or relief in a timely and effective manner, and a large amount of funds will not be idle in the account before

michele: This is also the concept of return on investment we talked about earlier. That is to say, if we have such a corresponding investment before the disaster, the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of fund input parameters will be correspondingly improved, which will bring more timely and effective help to people in need during disaster relief, because our purpose and goal is to reduce and reduce poverty, At the same time, it can promote prosperity. How can we achieve this purpose and goal? It is through some inputs that can ensure high efficiency and effectiveness. For example, just mentioned the "special fund for disaster preparedness and mitigation", we can ensure that resources are put into cooperative institutions in advance

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