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It is reported that section chief song recently made an important introduction to the plastic material management and control mode of Great Wall Motors; Cao Du, vice president of Chang'an Automotive Engineering Research Institute, made the atmosphere of all the venues rich. Hairou innovation, a logistics warehousing robot technology enterprise, announced the completion of round B financing, which was led by source capital and followed by old shareholders Huadeng international and zero one venture capital. Plus the a-round financing led by Walden International and followed by Baishi logistics, the old shareholder, completed last year, the amount of the two rounds of financing is more than 100 million

tianyancha app shows that Hairou innovation was founded at the end of 2016 and is a high-tech enterprise founded by a number of returned high-tech talents from Switzerland. The team is mainly engaged in the R & D, design and sample processing of warehousing and logistics equipment and mobile devices. The products are storage intelligent robots, which mainly serve e-commerce warehouses or general warehouses to help them realize the automation of material handling and sorting. Its container to person system includes kubao robot haipik, software system haiq and workstation, which can realize material picking, handling and sorting, and serve logistics warehouses and factories with flexible automation transformation needs

Chen Yuqi, CEO and founder of Hairou innovation, introduced that the design concept of kubao robot system can be summarized as "affordable" and "easy to use". Using kubao, the warehouse can be automatically modified in a week after obvious deformation and then rupture before reaching the maximum load Pb. The whole system can be online in about a month. Kubao robot can pick and carry multiple bins or cartons at one time, Further, it can improve the working efficiency of workers by 3-4 times. Among them, kubao robot can be applied to 5-meter shelves at most, and can increase the three-dimensional storage density of the warehouse by 80% - 130%. Because it is easy to deploy and expand, it is also easier to transform and upgrade

as the lead investor of the company's round B, Haoyiwen of source capital said: "Hai Rou has a deep accumulation in the container to person solution, and kubao is also the most important reason: in the past two years, it has been recognized by the industry's leading customers. We believe that the container robot is a solution with high comprehensive cost performance in terms of storage density, delivery efficiency and transformation cost. We are also optimistic that the team can hold this article to introduce and continue to innovate on how to reasonably select the product number of hydraulic oil and pollution control of material testing machines, so as to bring greater benefits to customers Value. "

it is reported that in the next step, Hairou innovation plans to establish multiple regional sales and technical service centers, and cooperate with global system integrators and agents to form a global marketing network and technical service system. In addition to the box storage robot, Hairou innovation will also combine the technologies of manipulator, packaging robot, laser guided forklift, conveyor belt and so on to design flexible, efficient and customized solutions for different storage customers

in terms of the team, 60% of the members of Hairou innovation team are engineers at present. Chen Yuqi graduated from the Department of electronics of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in robotics at the Federal Polytechnic in Zurich. Chen Yuqi's graduation project is the bin robot. For the first time, he founded Hong Kong Puge precision Systems Co., Ltd. and then founded Hairou innovation

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