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Hainan promotes science and technology to support the sustainable development of natural rubber industry

the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences released the action plan for science and technology to support the sustainable development of natural rubber industry in Hainan Province (hereinafter referred to as the plan) on the 3rd, which will further strengthen scientific research, effectively improve the level of industrial development, and promote the development of the whole industrial chain of natural rubber in Hainan

at the launching ceremony of the "action of science and technology to support the sustainable development of natural rubber industry in Hainan Province" held on the same day, Huang Huasun, director of the Rubber Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, introduced that the overall goal of this action is to stabilize production capacity by focusing on the modernization of the management system, strengthen brand building on the basis of quality management, and improve efficiency by scientific and technological innovation, Take the innovation of risk guarantee mechanism as the core to promote the implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy

natural rubber is one of the four major industrial raw materials, which plays an important role in the security of key areas of national defense and national economy. The world's natural rubber production capacity is mainly concentrated in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, China and C ô te d'Ivoire. In 2018, China imported a total of 5.66 million tons of all kinds of natural rubber

Hainan is one of the main planting areas of natural rubber in China, with a planting area of more than 8million mu, which is an important economic source for 2.3 million farmers in the province. However, the price of natural rubber has remained depressed for many years, which has put pressure on farmers in Hainan Province to increase their income. At the same time, natural rubber is produced in Hainan, but many users who have purchased it still do not know how to stop the application of rubber. The mechanical and electrical products of the initial start-up oil pump are the main products, which can not well meet the demand of national defense and high-end products industry for high-performance rubber. The development of rubber products industry, trading, trade and other service industries lags behind

at present, the proportion of Low-yield and elderly rubber plantations in Hainan Province is significant. It is preliminarily estimated that the area of rubber plantations over the age of 30 in the province is close to 1million mu, and the low-yield rubber plantations reach 1.5 million mu. According to the plan, Hainan will increase support for the renewal of rubber plantations and speed up the promotion of new varieties by 1million mu. At the same time, we should encourage the establishment of rubber specialized automobile, household appliances, lighting and other markets, so that the consumption of modified plastics increases year by year. Cooperatives, primary processing enterprises and cooperatives, village collective economic organizations, large farmers and other business entities should establish cooperative relations to improve the degree of organization

at the level of brand building, Hainan will innovate and break through a number of core key technologies in the fields of varieties, technical equipment, quality control, latex products, etc., integrate a number of scientific and technological achievements and technical models in the fields of under forest economy, rubber cutting technology, wood processing and utilization, support the establishment of key laboratories of natural rubber biological and material engineering, and explore the construction of tropical tire test sites, Build the "the Belt and Road" natural rubber science and technology innovation center, and promote the development of the industrial chain with the scientific and technological innovation chain

it is reported that Hainan will take the lead in carrying out the pilot work of sustainable development action of natural rubber industry in Baisha Li Autonomous County in accordance with the model of "government + science and technology to promote enterprise cost reduction and efficiency increase technology + enterprise + farmers", and gradually promote it to the whole province of Hainan on the basis of summarizing experience and improving the comprehensive benefits of the industry

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