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Hainan ensures that the comprehensive "plastic ban" takes effect

release date: Source: China market supervision daily

since December 1, Hainan Province has comprehensively banned the production, sale and use of disposable non degradable plastic products. In order to ensure the real implementation of the comprehensive "plastic ban" requirements, Hainan provincial market supervision bureau is committed to high-quality testing and high-standard law enforcement, and actively serves the development of all biodegradable industries

it is understood that in order to help producers and sellers identify risks, and provide technical support for scientific and accurate law enforcement by market regulators, Hainan Provincial Bureau of market regulation, the Provincial Institute of quality supervision and inspection, and the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed an agreement to build a fully biodegradable laboratory, covering 35 standards and 177 parameters for the expansion of degradation related projects, The equipment installation has been completed, and the inspection business will be officially accepted soon; The general technical requirements for all biodegradable plastic products has been implemented on July 1, and the local standard application is now being upgraded to the national standard; Supermarkets with a business area of more than 1000 square meters and comprehensive shopping malls with a plastic products industry of 5000 square meters, which are the source of waste plastics, have been thoroughly investigated, and the pilot sites of "plastic ban" have been selected. From August 1 to November, large supermarkets and other supermarkets have carried out "plastic ban" work, and the production, sale and use of disposable non degradable plastic bags and plastic tableware are comprehensively prohibited

in addition, Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau actively carried out the publicity of "plastic ban", organized the provincial market supervision departments to broadcast propaganda slogans, hang banners, distribute propaganda materials, send "plastic ban" propaganda information, interview business units, etc. through LED electronic display screens, strengthened the mobilization and publicity work of "plastic ban scope of application", and created a good working atmosphere of "plastic ban"

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