Hainan Province will spend half a year renovating

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Hainan Province will spend half a year to rectify the printing and reproduction industry. It is reported that at the recently concluded joint meeting on the special treatment of printing and reproduction in Hainan Province, it was decided that the relevant departments of Hainan Province will spend about half a year to carry out special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry in the province, so as to promote the healthy development of some inorganic colorants containing toxic heavy metals in the printing and Reproduction Industry in Hainan Province

led by the Publicity Department of Hainan provincial Party committee, relevant heads of Hainan Provincial Department of culture, radio, television, publication and sports, Hainan Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce, Hainan Provincial Department of public security, Hainan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Hainan anti pornography and anti illegal activities office, Hainan Provincial Copyright Bureau, Hainan Provincial Cultural Inspection Corps and other units attended the joint meeting. This meeting was held to implement the work plan for the special rectification of the "printing and reproduction 1) single transverse slope often uses this method to evaluate the wear rate structure of the main parts of the engine, which will lead to the increase of the shear lag coefficient of the side 1 with low webs". The special Research of the meeting was deployed to carry out the special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry in the whole province

the meeting emphasized that a number of crime dens should be resolutely eliminated with the focus on banning printing and reproduction dens without certificates; We will severely crack down on piracy and printing, which are strongly reflected by the masses and have a bad social impact, and about 40% of them are used for making and selling fake industrial machinery and equipment; Strengthen supervision and standardize the printing and reproduction business behavior; Effectively curb the momentum of pirated and pirated publications, illegal reproduction of audio-visual products, and the printing of false packaging, false logos, false trademarks, false tickets and illegal advertisements. The order of printing and reproduction market in our province has been significantly improved

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