Hainan Province will use new energy vehicles by 20

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Hainan Province: the whole island will use new energy vehicles by 2030

shenxiaoming, governor of Hainan Province, revealed at the Boao Forum Annual Meeting on the 9th that Hainan will use new energy vehicles in the whole island by 2030, making Hainan's contribution to the implementation of green energy for the global island economies

Shen Xiaoming made the above statement when attending the sub forum of "21st century Maritime Silk Road island economy" of the Boao Forum for Asia 2018 annual meeting. He said that the Hainan provincial government is currently conducting intensive research on this issue and will issue a detailed plan. He also gave a "schedule": it will start with government vehicles, then cover public vehicles such as buses and taxis, and finally private cars

this year is the 30th anniversary of the founding of Hainan Province. Shen Xiaoming introduced that in the past 30 years, Hainan has developed from a backward island in the border into a relatively modern biological hupernic acid, which can bring differentiated performance special economic zone. "Hainan is a microcosm of China's economic miracle, and its main economic indicators have achieved dozens or even hundreds of times of growth."

but he frankly said that today's world economy is undergoing deep-seated changes. Like other island economies, Hainan faces narrow internal markets, lack of talents, counter globalization, increased instability in the world economy, as well as non-traditional security challenges such as energy and resource security and food security. Therefore, if you are complacent, sitting on the island and watching the sky will only be submerged in the tide of history

"the development of Hainan in the past 30 years depends on reform and opening up, and the development in the next 30 years will also depend on reform and opening up." Shen Xiaoming said that reform and opening up is the theme of Hainan's inclusive development and the main focus of its future development

he specifically said that at present, Hainan is focusing on building a "Pan South China Sea International Trade and shipping hub", vigorously promoting the air and sea connectivity between Hainan and countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", striving to open more than 100 international routes within two to three years, and expanding the South China Sea cruise route tourism roadmap based on Hainan Island

"Hainan should look at the world and find its position in the global economic pattern." Shen Xiaoming said that in recent years, Hainan has entered the rising channel of accelerating development, and its advantages in the national aerospace and deep-sea strategies have become increasingly prominent. Focusing on Aerospace Science and technology, far-reaching sea research and breeding in the South with relatively low cost, the high-tech industry of "sea, land and air according to the system" has basically taken shape in the future. "There is another 'x' for Hainan's future emerging industries. Hainan is willing to work with countries and regions along the Silk Road to integrate resources, promote practical cooperation in various fields, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results."

he pointed out that the current climate change has a more and more serious impact on the island economy. Hainan is actively responding to the challenges brought by climate change and has always adhered to the development of green and low-carbon technology names and technical parameters. Hainan is willing to strengthen cooperation with island economies and regions and share ecological and environmental protection experience

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