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Honey inner packaging equipment has attracted attention. Making ordinary tensile testing machines can't meet the demand. Type and decoration design are the key

[China Packaging News] the sales of honey can't be separated from its packaging design. It can not only protect the characteristics of honey Jinan assay cantilever impact testing machine, but also impress consumers with its aesthetic appearance. Honey packaging is mainly divided into inner packaging and outer packaging, of which consumers are most concerned about, and what can drive consumers to buy is its inner packaging. A good inner packaging mainly includes two aspects: packaging modeling design and decoration design

I. shape of honey inner packaging design

honey packaging bottle, including bottle body and cap. The packaging bottle is designed according to the characteristics of high viscosity of honey. It is simple in structure, easy to make, convenient, safe and clean to use. Modeling design of inner packaging 2 Measuring range and accuracy of experimental force: better than 1% 2% ⑴ 00% meter needs to consider three factors:

first, consider the practical requirements of packaging. Because honey is a viscous liquid, it is necessary to improve the filling speed when filling in the packaging process, and it is also necessary to facilitate the pouring of honey when customers use it. Therefore, the bottle mouth needs to be designed to be larger and can be designed as a wide mouth bottle

secondly, the history of honey utensils is almost as long-standing as honey. The packaging of honey utensils used in the past is also an innovation, and it is a choice to broaden the thinking of designing honey packaging. We can learn from the utensils - jars, which were common in ancient China to contain honey. Its structural feature is that the vessel itself is relatively bulky, which is closely related to ancient pottery making technology. We can use this for reference and integrate it into the structural design of inner packaging containers

there is also the use of bionics. Because the manufacturer of honey, bees, we can learn from many design elements worthy of consideration, and we can learn from the back half of the body to design the inner packaging container

therefore, the above three points are organically unified to complete the packaging container design in the field. The inner packaging container can be designed as a heterogeneous structure similar to the conical boss, that is, the bottom is relatively small, the upper part is relatively large, and the top view is circular

II. Decoration of honey inner packaging design

the decoration design of honey inner packaging is mainly reflected in patterns and colors, of which the most important is the color of the packaging. When we have no time to examine and carefully enjoy those products with unique shapes and wonderful colors, we are more likely to be attracted by those packages with strong colors. Because color has strong visual appeal and expressiveness in modern commodity packaging. Color can give people a good taste hint. The final color choice of packaging also needs to consider many factors such as the taste, taste, grade of honey and the difference between similar products, which can not only convey the characteristics of products, but also harmoniously combine colors and give consumers a hint of taste

osmanthus honey adopts superior honey, which is clear in color, not muddy, and 100% pure honey. In the design, the bottle adopts transparent glass bottle with different shapes. The bottle body is painted with black texture by hand, so that the bottle body does not appear monotonous. The overall appearance and color of the designed bottle are similar to that of a bee, and the overall appearance is very cute. The clean packaging also improves the product quality. The bid evaluation design uses the pattern of the bee abdomen to reveal the true color of honey, canceling the bottle label and replacing it with a label. The overall tone is mainly yellow and green. The green background sets off the Yellow bees, just like bees collecting honey on the green space. The logo design is simple but not simple, and the tone is contrastive but not abrupt

the above are two important factors in honey inner packaging design. Honey inner packaging presents us a beautiful visual enjoyment by means of coherence, repetition, echo and segmentation among words, graphics and colors

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