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Honeywell attended the 2010 China International Exhibition on public safety and security, the annual exhibition of the security monitoring industry at the 2010 Beijing security Expo in full dress. The 2010 China International Exhibition on public safety and security was grandly held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from November 2 to 5. Honeywell, an internationally renowned manufacturer, made a grand appearance in A301 of International Hall 8, displaying end-to-end digital monitoring solutions and a variety of mobile intelligent control terminals, bringing users a trend experience of applications

every year, Honeywell always brings industry-leading innovative technology to you. This year, Honeywell also comprehensively demonstrated the end-to-end digital loading experimental security solutions at a constant rate, from all kinds of digital cameras, codecs, networking devices, storage, display to integrated management, high reliability, high availability, combined with flexible plan programming, all of which reflect the power of Honeywell to control digital security

Honeywell integrated smart home exhibition area will bring you a trend experience of a variety of fashionable mobile intelligent control terminal applications! No matter when and where you just need to soften and tap various mobile terminal devices supporting Wi Fi with your fingertips, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, digital photo frame, Shangben, etc., you can easily provide users with reference to current home control, and enjoy the safe, comfortable, convenient and energy-saving quality life brought by technology

at the same time, aiming at the broader security market of third and fourth tier cities in China, Honeywell has launched a series of products and solutions with high cost performance, including a series of video monitoring, access control and anti-theft alarm systems; During the exhibition, a number of meetings will be held to promote the series of products and recruit certified integrators

a series of lectures were also held during the Honeywell Security Exhibition:

Honeywell digital security solution exchange meeting (Conference Room 204 of the International Exhibition Center)

November 2 13:10 14:10 November 3 09:: 50 November 4 09:: 50

Honeywell Security Vista series product promotion and certification integrator recruitment exchange meeting (Conference Room 204 of the International Exhibition Center)

November 2 14:20 15:20 November 3 11:: 00 November 4 11:: 00

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