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Honeywell established a special wax manufacturing plant in Suzhou

the world-class special wax plant newly built by Honeywell in Suzhou was officially launched a few days ago

Honeywell's special chemicals division also announced that its investment in the plant has exceeded US $10 million. In the next two years, it will continue to increase investment to support Honeywell's development strategy in China, because China is expected to become one of its fastest growing markets in the world

the production capacity of the special wax factory set up by Honeywell special chemicals division in Suzhou currently accounts for about 30% of its total global output. The division hopes to maintain an annual growth rate of about 30% of its total output in the next few years

the vice president and general manager of the special wax and additives Department of Honeywell's special chemicals division, who personally came to Suzhou to preside over the launch ceremony of the plant, pointed out: "The new special wax factory will help us meet the increasing demand for high-grade wax products, additives and mixtures from customers who support the development of new materials in the Asia Pacific region. This factory built with Honeywell's latest and most advanced control system can complete the customization and packaging of products, reduce the deviation between products and formulas, and produce better products. This factory is equipped with The modern equipment designed by experts all over the world can produce particles with a minimum size of 2mm. This technology is even better than the process currently used by some manufacturing plants in Europe or North America. "

Honeywell's special chemicals division manufactures and provides a complete set of special waxes and additives that are widely used for a variety of civil and industrial purposes and support the economic development of developing countries. These products are widely used in the production of packaging materials, tires, rubber, communication cables, personal health care products, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) extruded products, plastics, inks, paints, textiles, adhesives and candles

this new factory will manufacture high-quality industrial waxes and additive products that Honeywell has set up in China. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own high-quality industrial waxes and additives that they have found and developed by their own plastic extrusion machinery. These products will be sold under the a s to R brand of special wax mixtures

Mr. maiguohui, general manager of industrial wax business in China of Honeywell special chemicals division, pointed out: "Our factory in Suzhou, China is an ideal complement to Honeywell's worldwide wax and additive products. We hope to increase our output by 30% next year and triple it in the next four years, so as to meet the growing demand for wax and additive products in this region. But the key lies in whether we can improve the production process. Our manufacturing and technical resources in this region will support This growth. The professionally trained operation team sent by Honeywell will impart the best knowledge and experience to local employees. We also have a world-class laboratory in the factory, which can ensure that the development and commercialization of the latest technologies and products can be completed in a timely manner, and these technologies and products can be provided to our customers. "

Mr. caiyuguo, chairman of Honeywell (China) Investment Co., Ltd., added: "This factory is an important measure to make the cooperation between Honeywell and China, especially Suzhou, closer. It also strongly shows that Honeywell hopes and promises to increase its investment in China. The purpose of our investment here is to provide support and services for our customers based on long-term development."

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