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The honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber has outstanding bacteriostasis and mildew prevention effect

the honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber of Shangyu Hongqiang company adopts a special carbon refining method and process. While strictly extracting materials, it adopts a high-temperature and inert gas barrier process, so that the temperature of bamboo charcoal in the refining process can reach 1800 ℃ (generally, the carbon refining temperature is about 800 ~ 1000 ℃)

the research and production results show that the crystallinity of bamboo charcoal refined by this innovative process tends to be more high-quality and honeycomb, which greatly increases the conductivity, and its anti-static, adsorption, deodorization, mildew prevention, antibacterial, far-infrared emission, negative oxygen ion generation and other capabilities are also greatly improved. In addition, after 3 times of primary grinding, and finally using the grinding technology of combining water mill and ball mill, after 25 days of long-term grinding, 98 ~ 99 bamboo charcoal powders in 100 bamboo charcoal powders have a diameter of 0.5 ~ 0 In terms of technology, 8 microns (i.e. D980). Imported equipment is selected as important accessories of the machine.5 ~ 0.8 μ m)。 This kind of high-quality bamboo charcoal particles, combined with the carrier with honeycomb microporous structure trend, makes the functionality of honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber outstanding. Because the bamboo charcoal particles in the fiber are not wrapped, and are connected with the atmosphere, the dispersion effect is good, which is conducive to the bamboo charcoal particles to play their due functions. For example, the adsorption and deodorization function of the fiber can reach more than 60%. At the same time, honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber can also be naturally degraded

in general, in order to meet the challenges of urban life, honeycomb bamboo charcoal fiber has good permeability and can regulate the absorption and release of moisture; Its unique honeycomb microporous structure can quickly absorb a large amount of water, and can quickly diffuse and volatilize, maintaining its dry and breathable wearing effect; The honeycomb microporous structure running through the inside and outside of bamboo charcoal fiber makes it have super adsorption capacity, and can absorb, deodorize and deodorize chemical substances such as human odor, lampblack odor, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc; The antibacterial rates of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus were 92% and 90% respectively. Tested by Zhejiang Institute of Microbiology, the degree of mildew resistance of the fiber within 14 days is grade 1. In addition, according to relevant tests, the far-infrared emissivity of the fiber is 85%, and the emission wavelength is 8 ~ 12 microns. The fiber has the effect of keeping warm; Negative ion emission 2600/cm3; Fiber also has health functions such as activating cells. The fiber can be used in bedding, medium and high-grade underwear, socks, towels, medical protective clothing, protective clothing for infants and pregnant women, as well as decorative materials in hotels and entertainment places

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