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Honeywell and digi international equip energy controllers with cellular connectivity

on October 4, Honeywell's subsidiary and digi International (nasdaq: DGII) announced a strategic alliance today, which can be divided into mechanical force testing machine and electronic force testing machine alliance, integrating digi connect Wan cellular router into trend's iq3xcite controller. Dalkia, one of the leading European service providers providing energy services to the local government and commercial sectors, has installed more than 270 sets of digi controllers throughout France

The q3xcite controller is a kind of modular equipment, which is mainly used for building energy management to realize the automatic management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Already equipped with RJ-45 Ethernet connection, trend adds cellular connection by integrating the utilization of Di biomedical materials into new fields such as wearable equipment, personalized implants, precision medicine and GI connect Wan. The new wireless connectivity makes the application deployment more convenient and faster, and also makes the system truly mobile. More reliable data transmission can better monitor energy savings, while also allowing managers to benefit from lower installation and operation costs,

olivier fillot, business development manager of trend France, explained: when we realized the need to integrate simpler and low-cost communication solutions for building maintenance companies, we encountered digi. In fact, our controllers are often installed in strategic environments (boiler rooms, basements, etc.) where it is impossible to install ADSL lines or where the installation process is cumbersome and the cost is extremely high. So we decided to integrate the cellular connectivity into our controller to create a more convenient solution in order to achieve faster installation and lower implementation and communication costs. As a recognized leader in the wireless communication market, digi should be the most ideal partner to work with us on this project

digi surelink function in digi connect Wan enables it to maintain a permanent and reliable GSM connection. This router has industrial stability and market leading technical advantages. At the same time, through the optimization and setting of digi pre-sales team, it is perfectly integrated into the trend solution

energy service providers like Dalkia want to manage buildings in the whole region. Olivier fillot added: This requires that all collected data must be collected and protected in one place. If the software of cellular connection, data analysis and communication is online, it will be real-time under normal conditions, so that the operator can adjust the settings remotely to provide better energy management

in addition, the new cellular function allows trend to try to evaluate new pilot solutions, which can be quickly installed, monitored and moved without additional overhead

this device can be temporarily installed in the building to evaluate the savings after the full implementation of the scheme

Frederic Luu, vice president of sales and marketing for Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Africa at digi international, concluded: we are pleased that trend France can use digi's technology to expand its business. This "four in one" industrial chain of plastic raw materials, products, machinery, machine tools and molds is becoming more and more mature, and the secondary cooperation has further strengthened our company's position in the smart energy market. We promise to always provide our customers with the best connection technology to achieve the best solution and wholeheartedly support their customized integration

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