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Honeywell: Chinese style competitor

recently, Honeywell released its brilliant third quarter 2011 financial report. Its sales in the third quarter of 2011 reached US $9.3 billion, an increase of 14% compared with us $8.1 billion in the same period last year, and the 8% endogenous growth reflects the continued expansion of Honeywell's market share. In summing up the growth factors, Mr. gaodewei, chairman and CEO of Honeywell, said that Honeywell's continuous comprehensive innovation and business growth in high growth areas, long-term business continued to stabilize at the best level in history, and UOP and automation control system group solutions continued to receive large orders, which contributed to the overall growth

we can know the whole leopard from a glimpse. Maybe we can understand the inevitable factors of Honeywell's remarkable achievements today from a more detailed place

from the left: Jason Urso, Dai Kelan, Wu Shengbo

at the 2011 Honeywell process control department (HPS) China 4. Composite polyurethane adhesive industry overview door conference held previously, Mr. Jason Urso, vice president and chief technology officer of Honeywell process control department, Mr. Chris Dartnell, vice president of strategic regional business development Department, and Mr. Wu Shengbo, general manager of Greater China, made comments on Honeywell's business Strategies, innovations, etc. were shared with the participants. These contents just made the best annotation and explanation for Mr. Galway's growth summary view. In particular, Honeywell's strategy from east to west makes Mr. Wu Shengbo proud to say that Honeywell is a Chinese competitor

emerging economies occupy an important strategic position

in order to respond more efficiently to some major challenges in the world to meet the needs of safety, security and efficiency, the process control department has been restructured and now has six business lines, including the global project business department, life cycle solutions and Services Department, high-tech solutions business, which mainly deals with capital projects and new project markets On site engineering solutions, on-site product business and strategic emerging market business

at present, more than 50% of Honeywell's total sales are from regions outside the United States, of which emerging economies such as China, India, Brazil and South Africa have contributed an important part, and these are also the key markets of strategic emerging development markets in charge of Declan. China is currently Honeywell's largest emerging market. In Dai Kelan's view, China's strategic position is particularly important

the Chinese market is very important for Honeywell. We have more than 7000 employees in China. For Honeywell and all business groups, this is an extremely important place. More importantly, we have achieved localized operation. Dai Kelan said that we have more and more considerations about China and make more and more decisions in China. One of the criteria to measure our internal success is to observe how many designs and new ideas come from China in each of our business departments, and how many of our manufacturing and development in China and around the world come from China

in Wu Shengbo's view, the important strategic position of China in avoiding major accidents is not only one of the market factors, that is, when the growth rate of markets such as Europe and the United States is slow, emerging markets such as China have become the active factors driving Honeywell's growth, but also China's foreign investment. Now China has become one of the countries with the largest foreign investment in the world, and has invested a lot in South Africa, Africa and Central Asia, especially in resources. For companies like Honeywell, they have achieved good performance in China and established long-term and effective partnership with Chinese customers. With the increase of China's foreign investment, Honeywell and our customers have become partners and developed together

there are both technological innovation and butler service

talking about Honeywell's technological innovation, Jason Urso has the most say. As the chief technology officer, he listed in detail the latest technologies and services released by the process control department this year, which represent the direction of future industrial development when the load can no longer rise. After several years, most manufacturers' systems will no longer provide support, and users can only dismantle and eliminate them. Honeywell's product transition plan will not make any Honeywell system previously used by customers obsolete. This service ensures that customers' old systems can be upgraded to new products, and old technologies can be seamlessly transplanted and upgraded to the latest control technology, which greatly protects customers' investment

today, when the safety of the process industry is crucial, Honeywell's other focus this year is to strengthen the safety of the process industry through wireless technology, including the successful positioning of operators through wireless technology, the discovery of toxic gases in the plant through wireless technology, and the connection with the customer's control system. In addition, through the universal IO interface, users have greater flexibility to integrate different security systems, products, and architectures to strengthen the security of the process industry

at the user conference, Jason Urso spent a lot of time explaining Honeywell's virtualization technology. Control system virtualization, network architecture virtualization, through virtualization, users can use it more conveniently and flexibly, achieve the purpose of control, and greatly save the overall cost. More importantly, as a platform, virtualization has laid a good foundation for further cloud computing, informatization and control integration in the future

wireless, virtualization, integration with it systems, cloud computing and customers' demand for reducing cost of ownership and improving security fully show Honeywell's accurate grasp of major industrial trends in the future

up to now, the market has not only been product oriented, but the industrial model has gradually changed to service-oriented. The huge stock market separates services from the subordinate role of product sales. The potential market of services is being valued by enterprises and regarded as a factor for future profit growth. In Wu Shengbo's view, Honeywell's butler service is undoubtedly at the forefront and leading the market

Wu Shengbo, who likes to use metaphors, vividly divides services into three levels that seriously restrict sustainable development: hourly, nanny and housekeeper. Hourly service is the basic service, including ordinary after-sales and maintenance; Nanny service is a little higher, including providing appropriate solutions according to the specific requirements of customers; The highest level of service is butler service, which is the service to set operational indicators with customers. In these three levels of service, the requirements for receiving and providing services are different. The requirements for butler service are undoubtedly the highest. Honeywell has the absolute strength to provide customers with the highest level of service with years of knowledge accumulation and project operation experience

one of the most obvious benefits of butler service is to manage customers' operations, which is completely consistent with customers' goals. Wu Shengbo said: suppose you pay Honeywell 500000 and set a series of operating indicators, if I spend 600000 to ensure this efficiency, I will lose 100000; If I only spent 400000 to achieve this goal, I made 100000. Interests are unified with you. Only when you are good can I make money. If you are bad, I can't make money. In this way, I will be more proactive in serving and truly think of customers

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