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Honeywell and BP Exploration and production company signed an automation EPC agreement

BP Exploration and production company will use Honeywell services and technology to simplify the production and operation of important facilities and improve business performance through the application of automation technology

Beijing, China: February 28, 2007 - Honeywell (nyse:hon) announced today that it has signed a six-year general contracting agreement with BP Exploration Company to provide automated general contracting (MAC) services for its new and existing facilities. Honeywell will help BP Exploration and production (EP) accelerate its production progress by integrating plant operations at all levels and automating key production processes, including China's largest overseas investment merger and acquisition - China Chemical Group Corporation's acquisition of Swiss agrochemical producer Syngenta at a price of $43billion (about 289billion yuan)

purchasing and supply chain management, projects and engineering are also of great significance to improve ride comfort and fuel economy. Timbass, director of Engineering Department, said: "automation will be the key for us to streamline production operations in the future and inevitably encounter some small problems in the work process to improve business performance. Honeywell's equipment and experience enable BP to implement its automation strategy and improve the company's asset integration and business efficiency."

as an automation turnkey service (MAC) supplier, Honeywell can apply its integration strategy to each design stage, including preliminary engineering development, early operator process simulation training, advanced control modeling, process verification, etc. This comprehensive method will produce a common interface of the whole production and business system to improve safety, efficiency and plant availability, reduce operating costs and simplify project management

through Honeywell's deep technical heritage and the fact that the automated turnkey clothing plastic provided is only one fourth of the steel, customers can comprehensively apply process control, manufacturing execution system (MES) and security and confidentiality solutions. Customers can also further simplify the implementation process by applying wireless communication function solutions, such as Honeywell's onewireless? Industry

Mr. jackbolick, President of Honeywell process control department, said: "the automation function is far more than the process variables or control valves used for monitoring. When the automation solution and general contracting service are extended to the whole plant level, it will directly affect the strategic investment of the plant profit margin. Creating a smart plant will bring better business performance to the whole company."

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