Anhui Shanying paper industry increases waste pape

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Anhui Shanying paper increased waste paper orders

since this year, Maanshan port enterprises have seized the opportunity to actively expand container business. In the first quarter, a total of 21874 TEUs of container throughput was completed, an increase of 100.8% over the same period last year. In three months, 43% of the annual 50000 lead screw TEUs plan was completed, creating the latest record of container throughput

at the beginning of this year, Maanshan port group and Yangtze River port company, proceeding from the interests and needs of customers and aiming at improving the logistics quality of high value-added products of Ma'an iron and Steel Co., Ltd., carefully customized the container transportation scheme for finished steel products of Ma'an iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and opened a domestic container special line from MAANSHAN to Guangzhou and other ports, which became the highlight of container throughput growth. In addition, Anhui Shanying paper industry has increased the order for purchasing waste paper in response to the unstable price of waste paper in the international market. The waste paper carried by these containers will enter the port in March and April, and the container throughput will be 811 in March alone, "Martens pointed out

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