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Honeycomb paperboard packing box CNY

the honeycomb paperboard packing box includes an upper cover and a box. The box includes four front, rear, left and right panels and a bottom plate fixed under the box. The corner core is set between each two adjacent fastening anchor screw panels, and the outer corner plate is set outside the corner core. After the outer upper and lower jaws are tightened, both sides of the corner plate and the inner corner plate are longer than both sides of the corner core. The panel is clamped between the outer corner life shortening plate and the inner corner plate and connected with the corner core. The upper part of the upper cover is also provided with an upper edge closing plate, and the lower part of the bottom plate is provided with a lower edge closing plate. This honeycomb paperboard packing box is easy to process and has high compressive and torsional strength. It can be used to pack all kinds of goods. (packaging world)

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