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Anhui Ruilong glass machinery works intensively to build a leading brand of glass cleaning machine

glass cleaning machine is a special equipment for cleaning and drying the surface of glass in the pre-processing process of glass tempering, insulating glass, door and window glass, digital printing and mirror making, vacuum coating and other deep-processing processes. The glass washing machine is mainly composed of transmission system, brushing, clean water washing, pure water washing, cold and hot air, such as 4-wheel positioning detection system and electric control system

bit by bit improvement and transcendence witness the growth of Ruilong glass machinery at every step. After years of persistent development, we continue to innovate and work hard on details. Only the perfection of details can be called true perfection. Every step of our progress comes from your care and support

Ruilong glass machine therefore uses the impact energy per unit cross-sectional area α K is the way to judge toughness. As for the fixtures of what materials to choose, they have been gradually eliminated inside and outside France. The machine owners are easy to dye and electroplate. They should develop and produce horizontal four sided grinding and cleaning production lines, high-speed glass cleaning and drying machines, and high-end glass cleaning and drying machines equipped with digital printers and other glass deep-processing equipment. The company has professional engineering and technical personnel who have been engaged in the glass machinery manufacturing industry for many years. Relying on professional technology and unique perspective, the company researches and produces high-end glass machinery products, making the product technical quality of Yalong machinery always at the forefront of the same industry

with advanced design concept and strict manufacturing and processing, Ruilong glass machinery provides customers with excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service. "Customer satisfaction" is our always goal. The company is willing to work together with new and old customers to create a grand blueprint with first-class quality, first-class service and first-class reputation

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