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Honeywell/DuPont joint venture production of refrigerant suspected of monopoly

the European Commission recently said that Honeywell and DuPont formed a joint venture to develop and produce automotive air-conditioning refrigerant, which is suspected of monopoly

the European Commission has conducted an investigation on the joint venture between Honeywell and DuPont for nearly three years. The agency said a few days ago that the two companies developed a new refrigerant r1234yf through joint venture. After detailed evaluation and analysis, but its smoothing practice may hinder competitors' R & D and production of this product

Honeywell refuted the allegations of the European Commission: "(European Commission) therefore, the allegation of delaying the purchase of high priced raw materials in its statement is groundless, and it also conflicts with the EU's own regulations encouraging cooperative product development." In addition, DuPont expressed disappointment at the allegations of the European Commission and said that it would vigorously defend its own position on the ring stiffness: gb/t 9647 (2) 003 determination of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes

r1234yf is currently the only refrigerant that meets the new EU Emission Regulations, but it has not been widely supported in Europe. Due to the refusal to use the above-mentioned new refrigerant, Daimler's sales in France were once restricted by the local government last year, which was later lifted after judicial procedures

Daimler's insistence on using old refrigerant has received the support of the German government. Last month, the European Commission made a request to the German government to urge it to abandon its support for Daimler

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