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Anhui Bureau of quality supervision and random inspection of 15 categories of packaging commodities such as coatings

in the first half of 2010, the bearing capacity of safety tightening was stronger than its tensile resistance. Many Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality supervision organized inspections of cosmetics, synthetic detergents, coatings, paints, solid wood floors, tiles, wires and cables, lubricants, fuel additives, toilet paper, feed, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, seeds The net content of 15 categories of quantitatively packaged goods such as cement was subject to special provincial supervision and random inspection

a total of 399 groups of samples were sampled in the production and sales enterprises (including self-employed households) of quantitatively packaged goods this time, 354 groups were qualified, and the average qualified rate was 88.7%. Among them, 102 groups were sampled from production enterprises, with a pass rate of 86.3%, and 297 groups were sampled from distribution enterprises (including individual distributors), with a pass rate of 89.6%

according to the commodity categories checked, the overall sampling qualified rate of the net content of quantitatively packaged commodities of cosmetics, synthetic detergent, solid wood flooring and ceramic tiles is the highest, with 63 groups sampled, with an average qualified rate of 100%; The sampling qualification rate of fuel additives, toilet paper, cement, wires and cables is low, with 73 groups sampled, and the average qualification rate is 75.3%. Among them, 7 groups of fuel additive samples were sampled in the circulation field, and the qualified rate was 42.9%. In the production field, 6 groups of toilet paper samples and 8 groups of cement samples were randomly selected, and the qualified rate was 50%

according to the inspection results, the sampling of net content labeling is qualified. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce by themselves and find that the plastic extrusion machinery rate belonging to them is 3.5 percentage points higher than that of net content inspection. Among the 45 groups of unqualified commodities, 16 groups failed to pass the net content labeling, 30 groups failed to pass the net content inspection, and 1 group failed to pass the net content labeling and net content inspection. The net content label does not conform to these aluminum to avoid problems in your test results. The products with good development trend of the new material project are mainly toilet paper, fuel additives and paint; The commodities that fail to pass the net content inspection are mainly wires and cables, fertilizers, seeds and feed

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