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Anhui quanchai group climbs the peak again in the enterprise strategic transformation

Anhui quanchai group climbs the peak again in the enterprise strategic transformation

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Guide: in just a few years, Anhui quanchai group has completely changed, from a small power in the agricultural machinery industry to a big power in both the agricultural machinery industry and the automotive industry. Last year, the production and sales of multi cylinder engines ranked third in the country, Among them, the four cylinder engine ranks first in the country. As the past

in just a few years, Anhui quanchai group has completely changed from a "small power" in the agricultural machinery industry to a "big power" in both the agricultural machinery industry and the automotive industry. Last year, the production and sales of multi cylinder engines ranked third in the country, including four cylinder engines ranking first in the country

as the only survivor of the "four little dragons of Anhui" in the agricultural machinery industry in the past, how did quanchai successfully realize the strategic transformation of development? Let's listen to Xiao Zhenghai, chairman and general manager of quanchai group, who just returned from the national model worker commendation meeting in Beijing

seize the opportunity to seek a breakthrough

in 2000, Xiao Zhenghai, who sought a breakthrough in the diesel engine market for quanchai, once again met with Wang Jinyu, the head of Foton Motor, when attending the National People's Congress in Beijing. At that time, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 200, which was widely used in the fields of new packaging, electronics and appliances, means of transportation and green buildings. The rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of the speed of economic globalization made Xiao Zhenghai keenly aware that China's automobile industry, especially commercial vehicles, will enter rapid development, and the strategy of adjusting quanchai to multi cylinder diesel engine industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. However, the shrewd Xiao Zhenghai also realized that to seize the opportunity of this development, the cross-sectional diameter should be measured once at both ends of the gauge and in the middle in two mutually perpendicular directions. By establishing a cooperative relationship with a well-known domestic light truck manufacturing enterprise, it is possible to achieve a market breakthrough. To this end, Xiao Zhenghai actively discussed with Foton the possibility of strategic cooperation between the two sides

in 2001, after more than a year of docking of product technology and cooperation methods, as well as Foton automobile's many inspections of quanchai, quanchai and Foton automobile established a strategic cooperation relationship with property rights as the link, relying on the early development of the relatively leading series of direct injection diesel engines at that time

the cooperation with Foton has laid a good foundation for the product structure adjustment and strategic transformation of quanchai. The multi cylinder diesel engine industry for quanchai vehicles has obtained a good development space, and the influence of the enterprise in the domestic small and medium-sized diesel engine market has increased year by year. In 2009, quanchai ranked among the top three in China with 370000 sets of series multi cylinder diesel engines, and the production and sales of four cylinder diesel engines ranked first in the domestic diesel engine industry

strategic transformation forms advantages

quanchai has successfully achieved a market breakthrough, but with the growing maturity of the industry and the increasingly stringent industrial regulations, quanchai urgently needs to realize product upgrading in the strategic transformation and create the core competitive advantage of the long-term development of the enterprise

in 2005, in the face of the increasingly stringent trend of national environmental protection policies, quanchai adopted the high-pressure common rail technology route to start a series of national III diesel engine research and development projects. In 2007, it took the lead in developing 4d22e and 4d18e series high-pressure common rail diesel engine engines among domestic products of the same type, and simultaneously adopted a diversified technical route to develop 4d25 and 4D26 series of national III products, while realizing the mass production of relevant national III products. The next year, quanchai took the lead again, planning to launch the development of four series of National IV products of 4b1, 4B2, 4d1 and 4D2 among the same type of products. This year, the 4b1 and 4B2 National IV engines have been successfully ignited, and their economy and power performance have reached or exceeded the National IV standard, entering the vehicle matching stage

Xiao Zhenghai said that quanchai completed the strategic transformation to automotive multi cylinder diesel engine in nearly 10 years, and formed the core competitive advantage of the enterprise in the process of this transformation. This advantage is not only the upgrading of quanchai product technology from country I to country II, country III and country IV, but also the improvement of the quality of enterprise R & D team, the improvement of R & D system and mechanism, the accumulation of technology introduction and absorption experience and the improvement of independent innovation ability. Moreover, the product upgrading of quanchai is not limited to the small and medium power vehicle diesel engine industry

as early as 2006, quanchai invested 250million yuan in the first phase to start the diesel engine project for high-power agricultural equipment and construction machinery, rapidly increasing the maximum product power to about 360 horsepower. The project was successfully put into operation in the first half of 2008, and tried the possibility of related products, especially the six cylinder diesel engine supporting vehicles. In 2009, quanchai won the key technology of diesel engine for small excavators in the 2010 National 863 project, as well as the product development and research and development project of diesel engine for small and medium-sized agricultural machinery and construction machinery, and accelerated the improvement of diesel engine level for non road construction machinery and agricultural equipment

through continuous technical cooperation, technology introduction and product innovation and upgrading, quanchai has formed a diversified product system supported by vehicle diesel engines, with common development for engineering machinery, agricultural equipment and generator sets. The independent innovation ability and innovation system of the enterprise quickly become the core advantage to promote the development of the enterprise

According to Xiao Zhenghai, the formation and accumulation of core competitiveness in the process of quanchai's strategic transformation, Jinan experimental Machinery Factory is the leader in Jinan, which will be the foundation and driving force to promote the long-term survival and redevelopment of the enterprise

with the continuous upgrading of product technology, in recent years, quanchai has actively promoted the balanced improvement of the capabilities of various development elements of the enterprise around its core advantages. Relying on the improvement of enterprise manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level, the optimized combination of modern management mode and management means, the effective follow-up of marketing means and after-sales service ability, and the establishment of flexible talent introduction and training mechanism, a benign development mode has been formed, which takes talent as the foundation, enterprise innovation ability as the main line, product upgrading, manufacturing capacity, management level, win-win level and other balanced promotion of enterprise development

especially in terms of technological transformation, on the basis of the "Tenth Five Year Plan" investment of 600million yuan for all-round technological transformation, and the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", quanchai successively invested more than 1billion yuan for a new round of technological transformation, the establishment and production of Tianli power modern equipment testing line; The launch and implementation of the 410million yuan Tianhe machinery high quality casting project; Investment of nearly 100million yuan, the introduction of four and six cylinder collinear cylinder block automatic processing line; Since the beginning of this year, the 4d18 engine block automatic processing line project, the high-quality crankshaft processing line project, and the high-level national III and National IV assembly and testing line reconstruction project have been launched

take timely countermeasures

through continuous readjustment of product structure and vertical diversification of industry in recent years, quanchai has gradually developed into a diversified industrial system with small and medium-sized power vehicle diesel engine industry as the core, high-power agricultural equipment, engineering machinery and vehicle diesel engine industry, new casting and processing industry, auto parts industry and other common development, and has become a well-known domestic engine R & D and manufacturing enterprise

Xiao Zhenghai said, "with the upgrading of the enterprise's product technology to national III, National IV and higher levels, quanchai's 10 liter heavy truck engine has achieved a market breakthrough. At present, quanchai is docking technology and related cooperation methods with a well-known domestic heavy truck enterprise. As the next step of the enterprise's product structure adjustment direction and new development goals, quanchai is confident and capable of making it a new core industry of the enterprise."

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