New highlights of pharmaceutical packaging safety

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New highlights of pharmaceutical packaging safety

1. "Green" packaging. The "green" packaging of drugs refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and the packaging materials can be recycled. After the implementation of ISO1400 standard, the development of "green" packaging has become a necessary work. In the future, we will vigorously develop and popularize new environmental protection packaging materials that can be recycled, degradable and return to nature, and incineration will not pollute the atmosphere; 2. Less measurement packaging. Less measurement packaging requires that the inner packaging of drugs have the function of standard measurement, including the use of packaging materials with measurement function and one-time dosage packaging. The latter is a common less measurement packaging. In the United States, one-time dosage packaging has been popularized in 1990. With the development of composite materials and sterilization packaging technology, China has been able to effectively ensure the accuracy of one-time dosage packaging of liquid and solid agents, but it will continue to develop small metering packaging, a convenient and accurate form of flexible packaging

3. Environmental conditioning packaging. The so-called "environmental conditioning packaging" is to change the gas state in the packaging and ensure the quality of the packaged products for a long time, such as the packaging sealed with desiccant (oxygen getter) and the packaging of air replacement (nitrogen filling, etc.). This form of packaging will continue to be popular

4. Serial packaging. Serialization of drug packaging means that drugs produced by the same manufacturer are packaged in a unified and similar packaging element pattern. For example, blister packaging can achieve series packaging through the change of plate size and relevant elements of aluminum foil picture. With the implementation of OTC in China's pharmaceutical industry, seriation packaging has been paid more and more attention, and its ability will be greatly displayed in the development of pharmaceutical flexible packaging in the future

5. High barrier packaging. High barrier packaging is the use of excellent barrier materials to prevent gas and water vapor. Smell, light, etc. enter the package to ensure the effectiveness of drugs. The application of high barrier packaging has been very common in Europe and Japan, while China has introduced high barrier packaging such as PVDC since 1980s, but its development is slow. Therefore, the development of high barrier material packaging is a major trend of drug flexible packaging in China

the scope of plastic industry continues to grow. 6. "Sterile" packaging. "Aseptic" packaging is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaged drugs in a "sterile" environment by using instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization technology. Multi purpose (10) building plate composite materials are packaged through different forms of extrusion and composite molding. It has the advantages of better maintaining the drug content, prolonging the shelf life, saving energy, reducing packaging cost, easy to realize environmental protection packaging and so on

7. Antibacterial packaging. Although the clean environment of drug production is designed according to GMP requirements, it is impossible to be absolutely sterile in the production and packaging of any dosage form. Therefore, in order to extend the shelf life of drugs and ensure drug safety, antibacterial polymer packaging materials are used for drug packaging according to GMP requirements to inhibit bacterial pollution, which will also become one of the directions of drug flexible packaging

8. Nano packaging. The application and development of nanotechnology and nano materials in the pharmaceutical field provides a golden opportunity for China's pharmaceutical packaging. The development of nano paper, polymer based nanocomposites (pnmc), nano adhesives and nano antibacterial packaging will open up a new field for the flexible packaging of rodenticides near cable sites

looking at the whole pharmaceutical packaging market, we can clearly see that in order to eliminate the technical barriers caused by pharmaceutical packaging and other reasons, advanced packaging equipment and materials meeting international standards will be required to cooperate with its development, which also puts forward higher requirements and broader market space for domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprises. From the perspective of the enterprise itself, the future drug packaging will start from safety. The drug packaging should be more concise, clear and beautiful. On the premise of ensuring that it is not easy to be damaged in transportation, try to save materials and avoid excessive packaging. Improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise by continuously improving the quality of its employees

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