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Environmental protection groups support Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association on January 9, 12 environmental protection groups in China jointly issued a letter of support to support the "green procurement" appeal of Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association, requiring the app of Jinguang group to immediately stop their enclosure and deforestation in Yunnan Province, and said that "we expect more consumer groups to resist app products"

the 12 environmental protection groups believe that Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association has reflected the hotel's sense of society with its own practical actions. This move of Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association obviously has an unusual exemplary role: enterprises should not only seek their own interests, but also consider social benefits

in the letter of solidarity, the 12 environmental groups said that China's environmental protection is the responsibility of every Chinese, "We call on more enterprises to take on the responsibility of ecology, carry forward public morality and protect Yunnan's forests; we call on our members, volunteers and citizens who actively participate in our environmental protection activities to boycott app products; we call on people who are actively welcoming the 'Green Olympics and green Beijing' to contribute to the protection of the few natural forests left in China. We also look forward to more consumer groups boycotting app products until they are beneficial to China's environment Protection and effective commitment are essential for promoting harmonious social development. "

on November 16 last year, Greenpeace released to the public and the media the investigation report on the enclosure and deforestation of the app of Jinguang group in Yunnan, and reported to the relevant national departments the enclosure and deforestation of the app of the world paper giant Indonesia Jinguang group in Yunnan, China

on November 18, zhejiang hotel industry association drafted the notice on boycotting app paper products, requiring member hotels in the province to refuse to purchase all the products produced by app company, as a requirement for creating and evaluating green hotels. This is the first domestic boycott action publicly taken by an industry association to support environmental protection

the next day, more than 30 hotels in Zhejiang Province called the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association to support the association's call to stop purchasing app paper products of the golden light group

on November 30, when the load of the app of Jinguang group could not rise any more, it filed a legal lawsuit against the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association on the ground of "infringing upon the reputation rights of Jinguang paper and Jinguang group", demanding that the Zhejiang Hotel Industry Association immediately stop the infringement, eliminate the impact, publicly apologize to the plaintiff in the media, and claim 2.2 million yuan from the defendant. Hangzhou Xihu District Court has officially filed a case and will hold a hearing on the 14th of this month

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