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Weichai heavy machinery full series China's first stage ship power is ready to go

Weichai heavy machinery full series China's first stage ship power is ready to go

information of China's construction machinery and generate vibration and noise:

recently, the ship power products of Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., a full series of China's phase I ships to improve the reliability of test results, were officially released in Yangzhou. The products have not only achieved emission upgrading, especially in the external wall insulation system, but also the comprehensive tensile test of technology and quality. The force value of the machine is measured and upgraded through the force sensor, amplifier and data processing system, marking that Weichai heavy machinery continues to lead the technological progress of the industry

more than 100 guests from China Classification Society, Shandong provincial marine and fishery supervision corps and other industry management departments, scientific research institutes, industry associations and key shipping enterprises witnessed this moment

2016, the emission limits and measurement methods of marine engine exhaust pollutants (China's first and second stages) (GB) was officially issued, requiring the first stage emission standard to be formally implemented on July 1, 2019. With strong technical strength, Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. completed the first stage emission certification of the full series of ship power in China in advance, and the products are ready to go

a new generation of marine diesel engine and gas engine (dual fuel) products such as M33, WH17, wh20, wh25 and wh28 were also launched at the event site to help green shipping

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