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Manroland new web wheel transfer brush machine enters the Asian market

recently, Manroland company learned that it has launched a new 32pp web wheel transfer brush machine euroman. The equipment is designed for printing and producing advertising appendices and number books. The main people and sales areas are Latin America and Asia

euroman equipment available in the UK is a heat curing offset press with a drum width of 965mm. It operates at a speed of 35000cph, but if two 16 folio folding equipment are used for double production operation, the speed can reach 70000cph

this equipment has been widely used in Brazil, especially for the production of yellow pages of printed addresses, notebooks, appendix books and magazines

johnellis, head of roll printing products sales in Roland, UK, said: the new euroman will be equipped with a closed control system, accurate commercial folding function and high-specification drying device

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