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Manroland launched the peak digital post press equipment "star of the future"

at the event held at the demonstration center of the production base of Manroland Augsburg at the end of March, the peak digital post press products fold line and former line system launched by Manroland rotary printing system company for high-speed digital printing equipment were unveiled for the first time. These two devices are known as future stars beyond current technology

it is reported that the man Roland fold line system can fold all common wide format prints (British newspapers, advertisements, etc.) and 96 page small pictorials at a speed of 300 meters per minute, or process them into volumes of pamphlets and insert prints. The output is equivalent to processing 2700 32 page wide printed newspapers or 9100 bundles of brochures per hour

another former line system with the same name also has the same production speed. Welcome to our website. Thank you for your visit. It is mainly used in the fields of leaflets, direct mail and brochures. At the same time, it can also be used in the production of bound books and Book stickers. It includes post press processing such as serration indentation, baling and parallel folding

at the demonstration site, MAN Roland showed the unique excellent performance of this device by processing books and magazine live parts on the former line system. This peak product handles 100 304 page books and 38 8-page manuals. Then it took only a few minutes to switch to 42 page magazine processing in the automatic state, including folding and cutting process processing. The on-site performance made the audience applaud

the two models can handle reel widths of 508mm, 762mm and 1060MM. Manluo's market share is 40% concentrated in Glencore, Luoyang molybdenum industry, Eurasian resources and other giants. LAN launched this series of models mainly for the high-speed digital printing market, especially in the field of on-demand book printing and digital newspaper printing

the spokesman of MAN Roland company said that the system has the previous technology, which is the bottleneck of the post press link of digital printing. The high speed of the new system is unmatched by the speed of any digital printing machine on the market so far, so it is known as the star of the future

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