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Roland man appeared at the 2009 printing forum

faster service, higher efficiency, better quality, and wider application: value-added printing with a format of 5070 or less

at the 2009 printing forum held in Stuttgart, Roland man and related manufacturers showed a variety of different printing technologies, solutions to improve flexibility, and a wide range of value-added services, helping small and medium-sized printing plants further enhance their competitiveness

the 2009 printing forum held in Stuttgart, Germany on February 7 specially displayed printing machines with a format of less than 5070. The host and speaker of the event, Michael nitsche, vice president of Roland technology transformation, emphasized the importance of this format field from the beginning: most of the printing industry are manufacturers with less than 20 employees. Almost two-thirds of the printing plants in the world use flat offset presses with a format of less than 50 70cm to print. This is why all Manroland printing presses in this market field take entering XXL technology as the slogan. At the same time, it is the purpose of Manroland to develop a new Roland 50 offset press (36/52). Daniel Eckenfelder, the first user, introduced how they printed calendars with printed materials with a thickness of 0.8mm, which is unique in this format level

(Michael nitsche presided over the Roland 2009 printing Forum)

the Roland 200 offset press (52/7 ②. Fixture 4 with some small experimental force) equipped with the universal glazing module Roland InlineCoater smart to optimize the glazing device and high stack delivery was first unveiled in 2008 drupa, which fully proved that the press is the model expected by the current market. Now Roland 500 offset printing machine (52/74) can also be installed with Roland inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device, which further enhances the production performance of this high-performance printing machine. All these technologies have strengthened the competitive position between offset printing and digital printing. Michael nitsche commented on the strengths and limitations of these different processes. Digital printing has the advantage of cost per print, which is suitable for short edition printing. Offset printing provides excellent printing quality, which makes many printing buyers adhere to this as a benchmark. In all kinds of printing materials, a wider range of ways to ensure that the printing quality is consistent. Even in terms of ink supply, offset printing can obtain more uniform field printing without spots; In addition, repeatable color reproduction can be obtained for repeatedly printed copies. Nitsche concluded that for the vast majority of prints, offset printing is superior to digital printing in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness

(at the 2009 printing forum, Roland and and its related companies exhibited a full set of printing presses below 5070cm)

Hubertus wolf, a management consultant, talked about the concept of SUA, namely strategic enterprise analysis. This is a cheap tool that can be used to conduct self-analysis and adjust future policies for small enterprises with limited ability in business control. For quite some time, adjusting according to the future is no longer the only thing for printing machine technology. A comprehensive printvalue printing value service solution is also an important part. The solution includes: printservices printing technology support to provide full range of technical support services for the whole life cycle of the printing system; Printcom pudekang printing materials are products related to the printing workshop; Printnet printing system is the system network provided for printing plants; Printadvice is a consultancy service for clients

printnet printing system contact to improve efficiency

printing more copies per shift, which is particularly important when there is only one printing machine. Therefore, printnet printing system and pressmanager smart or P have been used in oil and gas separation, acid and alkali recovery and other fields; It has overcome the technology of wide-ranging preparation and utilization of membrane materials such as metal microporous membrane, pure silicon carbide membrane, carbon dioxide separation membrane and composite palladium membrane, and built a demonstration production line. The management program of ressmanager perfect printing machine is very beneficial for small companies. This will make a great contribution to shortening the time of machine calibration and efficient workflow. Especially in the case of economic recession, the investment in technological upgrading to optimize production can be paid off. The associated software that can generate the preset values of printing pieces and ink bucket keys can transform the printing machine, so as to improve the production efficiency

ecologic reduces costs through ecological efforts

maybe every printing enterprise with small or large printing machines wants to produce in the way that is most in line with environmental protection, said Vincent Kraft of Roland man. The gradual implementation of climate protection activities by Manroland flat sheet printing equipment department is themed by ecologic, which means to reduce costs through ecological efforts. In enterprises with efficient energy management and resource-saving production, we can achieve the goal of real cost savings by reducing the waste of printing materials and carbon emissions. In addition to reducing costs, production conducive to the environment is also a drying condition of strategic significance: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃ and 2 hours. At present, small printing enterprises have insufficient self-sufficiency in the petrochemical industry in Southeast Asia, and the industry can also surpass its competitors in this regard

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