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The Civil Affairs Bureau of the people's Republic of China: the information was not linked at that time. In 10 years, Hou, a man in Peixian County, received three marriage certificates. In 2005, he received his first marriage certificate in Guangxi. In 2009, Hou concealed his marriage history and registered to marry in Peixian county. In 2013, he concealed his second marriage history and registered to marry a woman again. Before the first marriage registration, Hou had a de facto marriage (unregistered marriage)

On the 27th, the Pei county court heard this shocking bigamy case. The defendant Hou was accused of committing bigamy for many times, and the prosecution suggested a heavier punishment. Yangzi Evening News all media mazhiya

the man received three marriage certificates, twice concealed his marriage, and a factual marriage

the public prosecution organ recommended heavier punishment, and the court held that his bigamy crime was established

Yangzi Evening News learned that Hou was 45 years old, college educated, and had been engaged in self-employed activities for a long time before

Hou's first marriage registration was in 2005. In July of that year, he and his woman Chen Lan registered for marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau of Napo County, Guangxi. Houmou said in the trial that his relationship with Chen Lan was not stable. About two months after marriage, the two people broke up because of personality incompatibility, and the marriage existed in name only

in August 2009, Hou registered for marriage again, this time with a friend he knew, Zhang Hua. At the marriage registration office of Peixian Civil Affairs Bureau, Hou concealed his marriage history with Chen Lan from Zhang Hua. Hou said that after marriage, he had confessed this marriage history to Zhang, and in 2012, he went through divorce procedures with Chen Lan. However, Hou and Zhang Hua still have many contradictions after their marriage

in April 2013, Hou came to the marriage registration office of Pei County Civil Affairs Bureau again. This time, he and a woman named Wang Li registered for marriage. Hou repeated his old trick, concealing the fact that he and Zhang Hua were still husband and wife, but only explaining that he and Chen Lan had divorced and were currently divorced

the court found that in addition to these three marriages, Hou actually had a factual marriage. When he was under the age of 20, his family arranged a wedding banquet with a woman, but he did not register his marriage. After marriage, the two also had two children

in the three registered marriages, Hou and two of them had one child each

due to the contradiction with Zhang Hua, the fact of Hou's bigamy gradually surfaced in the repeated negotiations between the two sides

■ the latest progress

bigamy was convicted and sentenced on a selective date

the Pei county court held that the defendant Hou had a spouse and married another person, which violated the provisions of the monogamous marriage system stipulated in the marriage law of the people's Republic of China, and his behavior constituted the crime of bigamy. The criminal facts and charges charged by the public prosecution organ shall be supported

the prosecutor believed that Hou had the behavior of continuously concealing the fact of marriage, and should be severely punished as appropriate

in the trial, Hou had no objection to the fact that he had committed bigamy. In view of the complex circumstances of the defendant's crime in this case, the collegial panel decided to choose a time for sentencing

connect immediately

Civil Affairs Department: we may not be able to completely "check"

generally, the parties to marriage registration need to sign a declaration to obtain a certificate, and bear the law by themselves

in many people's understanding, both parties to marriage registration must be single or divorced, and the civil affairs department will also conduct qualification examination on the applicant for marriage registration. Why is Hou able to successfully register for marriage? On the 27th, contact Peixian Civil Affairs Bureau and conduct an interview

a person in charge of Pei County Civil Affairs Bureau said that in the marriage registration conducted by Hou at the Bureau in 2013, his marital status was shown as divorce (this record shows that Hou and Chen Lan handled divorce procedures in 2012). Generally speaking, the Civil Affairs Bureau took the current marital status of the applicant for marriage registration as the basis for whether he met the regulations. Therefore, Hou's records at that time showed that he met the relevant regulations. For the marriage registration handled by Hou in 2009, the person in charge said that it may be that Jiangsu had not yet achieved contact with other provinces and cities at that time, but the specific situation needs further verification

then contacted another excellent platform for Bayer materials science and technology to test and display high-performance materials to a person in charge of civil affairs department with nearly 20 years of marriage registration experience and learned that Jiangsu province realized the provincial marriage information association in 2008, "Previously, marriage registration departments across the province have encountered illegal acts of cheating and bigamy by using poor information, and the Provincial Federation has effectively prevented the occurrence of such illegal phenomena.". However, because Jiangsu and many domestic provinces have not yet achieved marriage information link, it is still impossible to eliminate the phenomenon of cross provincial bigamy and fraudulent marriage from the source

the person in charge said that by July 2012, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced to the outside world that China had implemented the nationwide Federation of marriage registration information. Therefore, the civil affairs department can immediately query the marital status of the applicant for marriage registration, so that the staff can review and check in time. However, due to historical reasons and the deliberate falsification of the registrant, the civil affairs department may not be able to fully examine some problems. Therefore, every prospective couple applying for marriage registration must sign a "Declaration of application for marriage registration", which clearly requires that both applicants must abide by the marriage law and other legal provisions. If there is any falsity, they must bear the law by themselves. The declaration requires both parties applying for marriage registration to sign in person in front of the Commissioner of oaths

in depth follow-up

although the marriage registration information in the province has been linked, there are still loopholes

cities and districts and counties are "restricted at the same level", and are not interconnected.

the information of all marriage registration institutions in Jiangsu Province has been linked, and the marriage registration information of 13 cities, districts (counties) can be seen in the province, but the same level of network is not interconnected, allegedly "this is to protect personal privacy"

Yangzi Evening News interviewed relevant departments and learned that at present, on the marriage registration information platform of Jiangsu Province, the marriage registration information of wear-resistant experiment can be seen in 13 cities and districts (counties) in the province, and the information can be accessed by relevant departments; However, if the information is limited between cities and districts in the same city, they cannot share it with each other. For example, Nanjing Gulou District marriage registration office can't see the information of Xuanwu District registration office, and Nanjing registration information can't be seen on Suzhou information platform... All these information can only be "seen" on Jiangsu marriage registration information platform

"relevant departments say that this is also to protect citizens' personal information and privacy. In fact, marital status is the valuable information that should be completely disclosed." A practitioner of the Civil Affairs Department told that marriage registration is still based on the principle of "registering in the registered residence of either of the men and women". At a time when population mobility is very active, if both parties register their marriage in Nanjing, where the wife's registered residence is located, then in Suzhou, where the husband's registered residence is located, the marital status of the man cannot be learned, and their information can only be obtained on the provincial information platform, It will bring trouble to the relevant parties or departments that may be involved. Therefore, the marriage registration department has been calling for a comprehensive exchange of information

this embarrassment is national

July 2012

Ministry of Civil Affairs: marriage registration information has been the National Federation

on July 24 of that year, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a conference of the National Federation of marriage registration information, officially announcing that through the joint efforts of civil affairs departments at all levels for many years, the goal of the National Federation of marriage registration information had been achieved by the end of June of that year. At present, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has initially established a central marriage registration data center, and 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) have established provincial marriage registration platforms and data centers, realizing the national joint review of marriage registration and marriage registration information

the significance of this work lies in: first, the era of manually handling marriage registration is over; The second is to realize the nationwide joint review, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of bigamy, marriage fraud and other illegal phenomena... (according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs station)

in August 2012, there was a discovery -

the national joint query of marriage registration, in fact, it is difficult to do.

in August 2012, a survey article in Zhongjiang showed that the source was long Hu, "The marriage registration National Federation inquires that the oil flow from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve is discontinuous or shaken, which looks beautiful and difficult to do"

the report said that due to the huge historical data and the technical defects of the uniformly used marriage registration system across the country, it is almost an "impossible task" to realize the true "National Federation" in recent years

In August, 2015, the civil affairs department again proposed the "National Federation of marriage registration information"

the sharing of marriage registration information in Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi, which is expected to achieve the National Federation

the Beijing Youth Daily reported on August 22, 2015 that it was learned from the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau yesterday that the marriage registration information in Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi, the pilot of the National Federation of marriage registration, has been shared first. In the future, if the nationwide information is linked, the technical conditions for the registration of long-distance marriage will be met

according to the report, in order to effectively prevent bigamy and cheating, and the popularity of cruise ships and ferries is also increasing, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has been promoting the work of the National Federation of marriage registration. But at present, because this function has not been realized, there have been many cases of long-distance bigamy and cheating marriage

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs said that after the full realization of the link, no matter which province or province residents register for marriage, other provinces and cities can find it. At the same time, couples can also apply for marriage registration in different places. No matter where they are, they can query the relevant information about getting a marriage certificate on the Internet anytime and anywhere. Registrants can verify the information of the marriage registrant on the website, which is convenient for marriage registration in different places

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