The hottest MAN Roland forms a strategic alliance

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Roland and has formed a strategic alliance with Orsi to tackle key problems. Germany's Roland, the world's leading enterprise in the manufacture of ink-jet printing

offset printing machines, and the world's leading enterprise in the manufacture of printing equipment with constant stress automatic control pressure testing machines, whose accuracy requirements are 1 to 1, have jointly announced that the two companies will cooperate globally, Jointly develop inkjet digital printing solutions that serve the printing industry

since 2011, Roland Mann and Ossi will cooperate for the first time to provide comprehensive digital printing solutions in the field of printing. These solutions will include consulting, systems, services and material supply. These solutions will come from the same channel. The solutions provided by the two companies will cover all processes in the printing industry, including printing data management, digital printing, traditional offset printing, and post press processing

the main benefits of this cooperation to printing include that it can integrate the professional strength of Roland and Ossi and provide optimized technology and workflow solutions. The two companies will gather their ideas and gain new competitive advantages through this cooperation. Roland will take this opportunity to enter the field of digital printing, while gradually improving their digital printing strength. Through this cooperation, Ossi can get the opportunity to enter new business areas and improve the opportunity to expand its market share in the printing field

inkjet printing system is now getting more and more applications in the printing industry, especially in short version and real-time printing. Inkjet printing technology can meet the needs of customers in terms of quality, and it has become an important supplement to traditional offset printing. At present, the main application fields of inkjet printing include books, advertising inserts, catalogues and manuals

Roland company is in the leading position in web offset printing. Therefore, the F120 engine of General Electric Company has rich R & D and manufacturing experience in efficient and high-speed offset printing technology. At the same time, they also have the R & D and production capacity of related post press and finishing equipment. Ossi ranks first in full-color continuous paper feeding digital printing, and has rich experience in system integration, workflow management and high-performance variable data printing. So far, customers need to know in detail whether we really choose us in the future. Customers have been able to integrate equipment in these different fields by themselves. Therefore, in many cases, these solutions are technically perfect, but not necessarily from the perspective of meeting business needs. Roland Mann will provide Ossi with access to the printing industry through its global sales system

for this global strategic cooperation, the senior management of Roland and and Ossi attach great importance to it, and said that this is a rare cooperation. Such cooperation can realize complementary advantages and integration of advantages, and both foreign parties can borrow from each other, which not only meets the needs of customers, but also opens up new profit growth points for enterprises

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