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Roland man took the initiative to crack down on the infringement and piracy of his products

3 The beam can be moved, which can realize the non grade adjustment of the experimental space In addition to meeting the test of rubber bearings, corresponding auxiliary tools can also be added, and some large sample tightening experiments can be done Roland Mann recently sponsored the pro original campaign of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and is ready to take strict measures to crack down on enterprises that copy their own products

in the field of printing machine manufacturing by stretching, bending, tightening or pulling plastic material splines, imitation parts and components of printing machines have caused huge economic losses to some printing machine manufacturers worldwide. At the same time, inferior imitation parts will also shorten the life of printing machines. At present, Manroland has taken measures to combat counterfeiting. At the all print exhibition held in 2008, MAN Roland has promoted this through VDMA

the core idea of the activities organized by VDMA is that original technology brings profits. The event aims to make printing and publishing enterprises understand that it is beneficial to invest in original technology. Manufacturers like Manroland can ensure the durability of products and provide long-term services for products, so they can ensure that customers produce products of excellent quality. Only original technology can truly ensure the best cost performance, and thus bring decisive competitive advantages to customers

the relevant senior management of MAN Roland said that the company is indeed affected by the imitation products, and we will take all possible legal means to fight against the counterfeiting of household refrigerators, so as to protect our intellectual property rights. First of all, as a world leading manufacturer of sheet fed and web printing machines, this is our own right; In addition, this is the only way to effectively protect our existing and potential customers. Low price and low quality products will seriously affect the service life of the printing machine we painstakingly developed from 1991 to 2013. Only the original parts from Manroland can ensure that the printing quality maintains a high standard and that the printing machine does not fail

in order to promote the action against infringing products, Manroland company issued a severe warning. If it is found that customers use low-cost and low-quality parts and vulnerable parts to cause damage to the printing machine, Manroland will refuse to bear any responsibility

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