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Manroland flat sheet printing system Co., Ltd. released its 2012 revenue report

on March 28, 2013, German sheet fed Holdings Limited (sfhl) announced its annual financial report in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS) for the year ended December 31, 2012 since it acquired the flat sheet offset printing machine Department of German printer manufacturer Manroland Ag in February last year

in the 11 month operation period, after integrating [Manroland Pingzhang group], which includes 47 branches worldwide, sfhl has a total revenue of 346.4 million euros and a pre tax profit of 72.4 million euros. As of the end of the year, the net assets were 81.4 million euros and the net cash was 46.4 million euros

if you need to download sfhl's annual financial report, please click (English version download only, registration required)

the financial report shows that a total of 55million euros in cash was used to acquire the business and assets of offset printing machines outside Germany in February last year, and the transaction capital was provided by Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. Langley's property department also acquired the headquarters of Manroland, the production facilities in Offenbach, Germany, and other assets in Germany for 21.8 million euros in another transaction

in the 2012 annual financial report released last month, Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. pointed out that the non recurring income of adding spring fatigue testing machine from this asset transaction, which is mainly used in the low-frequency fatigue performance test of various coil springs, is 25.2 million euros, which is included in its pre tax profit of 121.3 million euros. Langley's Property Department subsequently acquired the permanent property rights of Manroland's operating properties in the United States, Italy and Belgium

sfhl, the holding company of Roland pinzhang Systems Co., Ltd., is currently owned by British industrialist Tony Langley, who is also the sole shareholder of Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. Langley holdings plans to include this printing machine manufacturer into the group this year. When the merger is completed, the group will have more than 4000 employees and annual operating revenue of nearly 1billion euros

Langley Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Langley in 1975, and has not sold the acquired business so far. At present, Langley group has maintained debt free operation, with net assets of about 480million euros and net cash of 260million euros after the completion of the merger. Philip Beresford, the complier of the Sunday time rich list, estimated that although the current P/E ratio of his industry was fully considered as a listed company, the group's value would exceed 1billion euros

since its acquisition, Roland pinzhang has changed from an enterprise that has been waiting for too long and suffered serious losses to a profitable independent operating company. This printing machine manufacturer is the working principle of Langley online material winding experimental machine: the third German mechanical engineering enterprise with poor performance acquired in the past 10 years. Several other German departments in Langley have been over implementing the German VDMA machinery production index


click the following link to get the group profile of Langley Holdings Co., Ltd General comments and abstracts of the 2012 chairman of lanli Holding Co., Ltd. and the 2012 annual financial report of lanli Holding Co., Ltd. (registration required):

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head office

headquarters of Roland flat printing systems co., Ltd. and its production plant in Offenbach, Germany

United States



Roland United States, Belgium and Italy: permanent property rights subsequently acquired

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