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Man platform attack Steyr hold China heavy truck 2015 Jianzhi first

man platform attack Steyr hold China heavy truck 2015 Jianzhi first

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no toxic and harmful materials are dissolved; Sinotruk is playing a big game

in this game of SINOTRUK, man platform products are the "horse" to open up new markets, while Steyr products are the "phase" to hold the headquarters of SINOTRUK. The goal of man platform and Steyr is to be the first in the heavy truck market

benefiting from Steyr platform, sinotruk has always been the leader in the engineering vehicle market; With the help of Yuman platform, sinotruk also made a major breakthrough in the tractor market in 2014. In 2015, sinotruk intends to take advantage of the man platform to dominate the tractor market, and at the same time, rely on the great face change of Steyr to seize more market share of engineering vehicles

can sinotruk be the first in the heavy truck industry

man platform heavy truck's sharp weapon to occupy the logistics vehicle market

China Heavy Truck Man platform products, it can be said that it took a long time to prepare, and finally the sword came out of the sheath

sinotruk introduced man models in 2009, and it was not until five years later that shandeka, a domestic model of man TGA, officially entered the market in 2014. Man platform products t7H and t5g also increased in volume this year. Why does it take five years for an imported model to fully enter the market? There are many objective factors, but there is a subjective factor that cannot be ignored, that is, China National Heavy Duty Truck not only wants to make the produced vehicles reach the same or close level as man, but also wants to replace the sealing ring or combination gasket in time; Localization of local parts. Looking for the balance between imported quality and local production, sinotruk is moving forward in continuous exploration and trial and error

if we want to use all of man's parts supporting system, and heavy truck only makes the cab, shandeka will soon be available for sale, and the quality is close to man's prototype, which is the so-called CKD. For example, at the business conference of China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation at the end of 2010, Shande truck, which was offline from China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, was displayed. Except for the cab, which was produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, all parts and components of this model were imported from abroad from the engine. Building such a car is obviously not the original intention of the cooperation between sinotruk and Manchester United. The introduction of man model by sinotruk is not to make it easy for people to control the operation of the experimental machine through the console. It is so simple to build a prototype car, compete for market share and earn some money

what is the goal of SINOTRUK in introducing German Mann technology? The goal is to improve our manufacturing level by learning Mann's technology, so that the product quality of SINOTRUK can quickly narrow the distance with European heavy trucks. Its strategic planning is to source from overseas, enter overseas and defeat overseas

if we take another route, China heavy truck uses the cab, engine and axle of man platform, and other parts use the original heavy truck parts supporting system, then this car can be built quickly. This is how some shandeka was built in 2011. However, after trying this road, sinotruk found that its quality was not close to that of man prototype products. This is not the result that heavy truck hopes. Sinotruk is an ideal enterprise in making heavy trucks. Its goal is not only to make money by selling volume, but also to compete with European brand heavy trucks

then, there is repetition. After building a batch of shandeka with high localization rate, sinotruk carefully analyzed the quality differences with German cars, and readjusted the supporting system - some domestic parts and components with a large gap with foreign parts and components are used; Manyuan's supporting system has been produced in China, so it should be purchased in China. If there is no domestic production, it should be imported if it can be introduced. If it cannot be introduced, it should be purchased from abroad

therefore, sinotruk introduced not only the models of man TGA, but also the parts supporting system of man

on December 20, 2011, SKF, the world's largest bearing manufacturer, cooperated with sinotruk and signed a long-term contract worth more than SEK 5.2 billion with the commissioning and running in of the production line. According to the contract, sinotruk commissioned SKF to provide SKF split truck hub units, tapered roller bearings and seals for its new trucks. The bearings and bearing units will be produced by SKF's new factory in Jinan, China, which is currently under construction. The investment of the new plant is about 590million SEK, and the seals will be produced by SKF Wuhu plant in China

in addition, shandeka also uses a large number of domestic parts produced by foreign brands, such as ZF's gearbox, which is man's Royal gearbox supporting supplier, as well as Alcoa's wheels, etc. In addition, suppliers of Pirelli tires, WABCO automotive control systems, Mobil lubricants and other foreign brands have also joined the ranks of heavy truck suppliers

t7H and t5g, another series of man platform of heavy truck, are the cab improvements of HOWO A7, and the chassis system uses the design of man TGA platform and many man platform parts. Compared with shandeka, t7H uses fewer foreign brand parts, and the price is closer to the mainstream heavy truck

it is the comprehensive promotion of the parts supporting system of this "man" model that makes the man platform products of SINOTRUK closer to European heavy trucks, and has also become an important weapon for sinotruk to "attack" the tractor market

in 2014, thanks to man platform products (including shandeka, t7H and t5g), sinotruk finally cut a piece of cake in tractors, especially medium and high-end tractors, a market that sinotruk had no chance to market before. Therefore, in 2014, sinotruk not only achieved growth in market share, but also rose from the third to the second in the industry. The most important thing is to gain a firm foothold in the tractor market. It is no longer the brand that only dominated the engineering vehicle market in the past, but now China heavy truck is also a brand that can dominate the tractor market at the same time

Steyr's face has changed greatly

China heavy duty truck is arguably the most Steyr enterprise. The technical drawings of Steyr introduced in that year were all retained by SINOTRUK, which is still a research and development team. In addition, sinotruk is also an enterprise that includes Steyr's complete vehicle and engine (Hangfa) technology

therefore, sinotruk is the lineage of Steyr. In 30 years, sinotruk has carried forward Steyr's technology to the extreme. In 2004, with the cab presented by Volvo and Steyr chassis, it became the HOWO model of heavy truck. Although the HOWO model is like Volvo, the chassis is completely Steyr, so it also belongs to the Steyr platform

however, although sinotruk is the "most Steyr" enterprise, its Steyr products have never stopped changing face

at present, the Steyr products of SINOTRUK have almost lost the old Steyr style of "sharp front face". HOWO series and Haohan series are the face changes of Volvo and Mercedes Benz models respectively. And King Steyr's front face also became square. More importantly, Mann's engine and axle are also widely used in the original Steyr model of heavy truck. Therefore, some models of SINOTRUK, such as Steyr king, may still be named Steyr, but its heart and axle have nothing to do with Steyr

2014 was a year when China Heavy Truck Man platform products were fully introduced to the market, received market recognition and increased volume, and the annual sales volume reached 10000 vehicles. It is also a year when man platform components such as man engine and axle completely replaced Steyr series components

in 2015, the focus of heavy truck's marketing work was to focus on adjusting the product line to man technology engine, so that man technology products accounted for more than 1/3 in 2015

man platform products will be the vanguard of China heavy truck in 2015, while Steyr products will stick to the headquarters of engineering vehicles. It will be the new normal for China heavy duty truck to fight simultaneously in the tractor market and the engineering vehicle market, and both of them should gain a dominant position

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