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With the development of environmental awareness, customers have always suffered from high pollution; The printing industry of has to develop to the green printing industry. Therefore, printing machine manufacturers are constantly improving the environmental performance of their products. Recently, ROLAND700 six color offset press has won the favor of Shanghai Yangsheng printing with its environmental protection performance

there was a popular word in 2013 and early 2014, that is haze. Feeding people to take fog has become a joke of friends. When haze has directly affected people's normal work and life, air pollution prevention and control has become the focus of environmental protection work. Accelerating the process of green printing has become an important task for the development of the industry. According to the Ministry of finance, in the future, the Ministry of finance will invest nearly 300million to further increase support. Through the support of key printing enterprises, it will gradually promote the provision of excellent and perfect after-sales services in accordance with the following terms: the innovation and industrialization of environmental protection printing technology, process and management, enhance the core competitiveness and market influence of printing enterprises, and provide strong support for the long-term development of China's publishing industry

recently, the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee held the establishment meeting of the drafting group of six industrial standards of the green printing series, and launched the "general technical requirements and evaluation methods for green printing", "sampling and sample preparation methods for green printing products", "criteria for the qualification of green printing products, part 1 primary and secondary school textbooks", "criteria for the qualification of green printing products, Part 2 reading prints" Drafting and formulation of six industry standards, namely, green printing terminology and green printing standard system table. This puts forward the requirements of green and environmental protection for printing machinery and equipment. Environmental performance has become a powerful weapon for printing machinery and equipment to stand out. Recently, ROLAND700 six color flat sheet offset printing machine turned into a green angel, leading Yangsheng printing on the road of becoming rich in green printing

according to yangzhixun, chairman of Shanghai Yangsheng Printing Co., Ltd., the green printing of Yangsheng printing covers the whole process of green printing equipment, green raw and auxiliary materials, green production technology, green production process, green products and green emissions. The company has been vigorously promoting green printing, paying attention to creative design and research and development, using high-tech to improve the impact free switching printing between traditional control methods. The strong investment in hardware and software has laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the company. We have successively obtained ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, FSC forest supervision system and green printing certification. All these are attributed to the improvement of the company's overall green printing capacity by Roland green printing equipment

extended reading: ROLAND700 offset press has been warmly pursued by many packaging and printing enterprises around the world since it was launched on the market in the 1990s, and has become the best-selling model in this field. It is a high-speed business and packaging offset press specially designed for the production of the highest printing quality and representing the world's leading technological level. Its printing speed can be as high as 17200 sheets per hour, which can ensure the best quality of printing while maintaining high-speed production, and has high flexibility and other characteristics. This can well meet the requirements of high output and quality of Yangsheng printing, and is indeed the best choice for packaging and printing enterprises

in addition, ROLAND700 is particularly outstanding in the field of green printing, such as reducing various pollution including noise, reducing carbon emissions and consumables, and is highly recognized by the printing industry. It has obtained the BGDP emission certification and dineniso14001 certification of Germany, won the Hesse Environmental Alliance award issued by the Hesse Environmental Alliance of Germany in 2000, and won the green equipment award in the selection of China Green awards in 2011. Therefore, ROLAND700 has become the first choice for global printing enterprises, including Yangsheng printing, to achieve green printing

the quality has reached the international advanced level

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