The hottest MAN Roland acquisition of Swiss Weifa

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On April 13, 2010, UK time, the acquisition of Swiss newspaper printing machinery manufacturer Weifa (wif cost and benefit are not structural principles: nj-s series change experimental machine adopts servo control system with Ag) Company by Roland Mann will not make any progress, and the two companies have stopped further negotiation

Weifa company issued a statement and announced that the interest of both parties in negotiation has become possible, but the two sides still maintain the cooperation mode at the technical level

PrintWeek, a British print media, reported last month that the two companies are in negotiations and have signed a letter of intent printing market, which is expected to sign a formal contract this spring

MAN Roland said at that time that this transaction would strengthen its leadership in the field of newspaper printing presses and rank ahead of Gauss and gaobao web offset press markets

however, Weifa said on April 13: over the past three months, we have found that it is more appropriate for Weifa to appear in the form of an independent enterprise model, which will enable the company to better practice the concept of customer service

the original intention agreement signed by both parties will continue to ensure the existence of Weifa brand and maintain customer relations. At the same time, Weifa manufacturing plant will be in the Swiss printing market, not Berlin. The agreement does not involve the manufacturing of printing machinery

as previously reported, taking into account the sale of one party's key technology in the restructuring process, these agreements will be suspended. Weifa announced last fall that it would reduce 300 jobs and seek strategic business partners

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