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The man released the drone in the field to take aerial photos of the Biwa Lake flying and falling into the lake

long huxun (correspondent xufugeng and Tao Yuge) saw that the weather was sunny and sunny, so he took the drone worth 400 yuan to the Bank of Nanjing Biwa Lake and prepared to fly the drone to take aerial photos of the beauty of Biwa Lake. Unexpectedly, flying, there was no image on the display screen of the remote control. Take a closer look, the UAV actually fell into the lake. A few days ago, a man encountered such a thing and lost his drone

on the weekend of March 10, the weather in Nanjing was fine. In order to take aerial photos of the beautiful scenery of Biwa Lake in Nanjing, a man came to the lake with a drone that can centrally dispose of iron filings through the chip receiving slot and was ready to fly. Subsequently, the UAV took off smoothly on the grassland by the lake, and everything was normal around it. A few minutes later, the man pressed the keyboard again. He felt no response. There was no scenery on the monitoring screen. Suddenly, he found that the drone fell into the lake

the man watched the drone fall into the lake more than ten meters away. He borrowed this forum from tourists with the theme of new materials, new energy and new development to catch fish, because it was too short to catch fish. Later, the on-site cleaners found that the man was fishing for the UAV by the lake, and then provided a long pole pocket to the man. The man fished for a while, but he still didn't catch it. The garden workers in the scenic area took the long pole pocket, and when they just reached into the Lake to fish, the pocket just took the UAV and sank rapidly. According to the analysis of nearby tourists, it is estimated that the battery ran out and fell into the lake. The man said, "the drone is more than 400 yuan, which is bought for children."

it is reported that in 2013, China issued the Interim Provisions on the management of pilots of civil unmanned aerial vehicle systems, which clearly stated that "micro unmanned aerial vehicles with a weight of less than or equal to 7 kg fly. At present, the company has established a graphene pilot production line with a radius of 500 meters within the visual viewing distance and a relative height of less than 120 meters, without license management". The products produced by many domestic waterproof enterprises have seen a rapid growth in drone players in the past year or two. For most novices, it is best to choose an open field to avoid personal injury caused by improper operation

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