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General Administration of publishing: eight party controlled media will remain unchanged in the pilot reform of newspapers

General Administration of publishing: the cooperative restructuring of eight newspapers that the central government has determined to carry out the pilot reform is only in the business field. No matter how it is changed, the party's management of the media cannot change

today (August 2), an official of the newspaper and Periodical Management Department of the General Administration of publishing told this newspaper: "the report that 'the first publishing joint venture settled in Chongqing' is inaccurate." A media in Beijing recently reported that taboos in the domestic publishing industry have begun to loosen. The first domestic publishing joint venture settled in Chongqing. Computer newspaper, Chongqing zhongkepu Media Development Co., Ltd. and Tom group have become the first in laws of the first domestic publishing joint venture approved by the General Administration of publishing since 1949. "

the official pointed out: "the joint venture of computer newspaper is only responsible for the operation." The newspaper is one of the eight newspaper reform pilots determined by the central government, which should be changed from public institutions to enterprises as a whole. At present, for the joint venture of computer newspaper, the two sides only signed a letter of intent for cooperation. They also need to go to the Ministry of Commerce to go through the formalities and register with the Administration for Industry and commerce. This year, it can only obtain retail rights, and the formal operation will start on January 1 next year according to the regulations

in addition, it is not the first domestic publishing joint venture approved by the general administration. The first domestic publishing joint venture approved by the General Administration of publishing is the Dahua media company jointly established by Hong Kong Pan China group and the people in 2002. The company's investment amounted to 250million yuan. In recent years, the people's day news agency accounted for 51% of the equity, and the pan China group accounted for 49% of the equity. It is engaged in the national wholesale and retail distribution of domestic newspapers and books

it is reported that the eight newspaper reform pilot units determined by the central government last year are four newspaper groups and four newspapers, namely Henan Newspaper Group, Xinhua newspaper group, Dazhong newspaper group, Shenzhen newspaper group, computer newspaper, China Securities News, Beijing Youth Daily and tonight news. The General Administration of publication recently approved the reform plan of China Securities News

according to the timetable stated by Shi Zongyuan, director of the General Administration of publishing, at the National Conference of directors of publishing this year, the pilot work of publishing reform began in June last year and ended in December this year. By October this year, the restructuring of these eight newspapers should enter the summary stage

the official of the General Administration said, "the common feature of the cooperative restructuring of these eight pilot units is that they are limited to the business field and are entrusted to operate. They have no publishing rights and media ownership. The publishing rights and media ownership are owned by the competent units of newspapers."

he said that the premise of restructuring and the test piece inserted by the clamping unit 1 slide is to distinguish different media. Many domestic newspapers have made reforms in business, and high stability is a common phenomenon in recent years. "However, no matter how it is changed, the party's management of the media cannot be changed, the party's management of cadres cannot be changed, the party's management orientation cannot be changed, and the party's management of assets cannot be changed"

at present, the central government has identified 9 provinces and cities, a total of 35 publicity and cultural units as the pilot of cultural reform. There are 21 publishing systems in which there are electrostatic phenomena in their electronic universal experiment opportunities. Among these 21, in addition to 8 newspaper groups and newspapers, there are 7 publishing units such as people's post and Telecommunications Publishing House and 6 distribution groups such as Xinhua Distribution Group Corporation

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