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On December 18, 2017, the 2017 (15th) China Internet Economic Forum, jointly sponsored by the Internet Weekly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the information technology research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and eNet silicon valley power, was held in Beijing. The theme of this conference is current power. With its outstanding innovation ability and all-round service ability, yunzhixun, a leading domestic integrated communication service provider, won the gold I award 2017's most valuable cloud communication platform, which vividly illustrates the current power

since 2003, the annual China Internet Economic Forum has been held for 14 consecutive sessions. The golden I award issued by China Internet economic forum aims to help Internet enterprises cooperate with all walks of life, think about more subversive or innovative service models, better serve users and expand the market

never forget the original intention and explore the innovation of combining technology and mode

since its establishment in 2014, cloud news has been committed to the construction of communication capabilities such as resources, technology, operation and maintenance, operations and services, providing standardized communication products and customized communication solutions for enterprise customers, communication practitioners, operators, etc., and continuously improving the efficiency of the communication industry and communication services

yunzhixun has been advancing on the road of technology + mode innovation in the cloud communication industry. Yunzhixun is actively building an open platform and supply chain service system. The open platform will empower enterprise customers and communication industry practitioners, and supply chain services will solve various pain points in the current circulation, matching and operation of communication resources in the industry. At the same time, good news came from the company's MiFi project, and the new traffic oriented operation platform has been successfully launched; The company's intelligent hardware communication solutions have also been further recognized, and so on. A series of technological innovations have made yunzhixun in the forefront of the industry and become a model of innovation in the industry

platform opening and improving service capability

in August 2017, the proportion of use increased significantly. In August, 2017, cloud news held a c o 2017 Strategy Conference in Beijing, announcing the platform opening strategy, which will open technology, products, systems, operation and maintenance, operations, services, funds and other strengths to peers, so as to improve the service capability of peers, improve the overall service level of the industry, and empower the whole communication industry chain

through the standard interface of the cloud communication platform, enterprises can quickly embed messages, voice, video, traffic and other communication capabilities into their own applications, so as to realize the cloud communication function. Yunzhixun communication platform is built through three clouds: the transmission cloud solves the communication line 2 The enterprise can choose the access network, line, flow or number of the underlying network and resources of the intelligent control system industry; Software cloud provides enterprises with various standardized communication products, and enterprises can access them on demand; Service cloud helps enterprises achieve rapid access, and provides account management, order matching, statistical settlement and other functions. Through the construction of three clouds, yunzhixun communication platform can perfectly solve the problems of resources, products and services in the process of enterprise communication services, and make enterprise communication unimpeded

cloud news has been widely recognized in the industry by constantly exploring and innovating service models, coupled with strong technical support. On the day of September 11, the number of SMS messages sent by yunzhixun SMS platform exceeded 60 million. At present, the platform has gathered 120000 + developers, and the number of cooperative enterprise customers has reached 20000+

cloud news is skilled in technology and simple in interface. Committed to deformation units mm, cm, Inc increased by US $0.240 per ton (15180000 tons) compared with yesterday; The ocean freight from Western Australia to China is $9.877/ton h. cloud news, which continues to improve the efficiency of the communication industry and communication services, explains the current strength of the communication industry, and hopes to quickly connect the supply and demand sides of communication through the opening of platform capabilities, so as to empower the entire industrial chain and achieve win-win interconnection

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