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Newspaper printing enterprises: face the decline and survive diversified development

in recent years, with the rapid development of new media, it is an indisputable fact that traditional media have been severely impacted. The decline of newspaper circulation and advertising has brought the chain effect of declining print volume to newspaper printing enterprises. According to the interview, the newspaper printing volume of printing enterprises in 2013 is still a sad song. This issue focuses on the persistence and exploration of newspaper printing enterprises on how to stick to their main business and how to survive through diversified development

the total amount of newspaper printing will still decline this year. Although the annual statistics will not be released until next March, Ma Kaiwu, director of the office of the printing Committee of the China Press Association, has confidently revealed the situation this year. According to the statistics of China Press Association, after the decline in 2008 and 2009 and the growth in 2010 and 2011, the product advantage of 2 hydraulic universal testing machine in 2012, the total annual printing volume of national newspapers fell by nearly 3%. Newspaper printing enterprises have entered a period of shock adjustment with the difficult development of the newspaper industry

newspaper printing continues to decline

decline, decline, or decline. The data provided by seven newspaper printing enterprises confirmed Ma Kaiwu's prediction. Due to structural adjustment, the printing volume of Xinhua News Agency Printing Co., Ltd. fell by 12% last year, which is relatively stable this year, with a decline of about 2% to 3%. The printing volume of Heilongjiang newspaper group printing center and Hangzhou newspaper group Shengyuan Printing Co., Ltd. fell by about 5% year-on-year, while the printing volume of Shenzhen newspaper group Printing Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Southern Newspaper Media Holding Co., Ltd. printing branch fell by about 10% year-on-year, The printing volume of Hubei media group Chutian printing corporation decreased by 15.98% year-on-year

the decline of newspaper printing volume is first reflected in the reduction of newspaper printing pages. Some big newspapers with more than 100 pages in the past now have only more than 80 pages at most in the peak season, and it was unimaginable before that the number of weekend editions fell to 20 or even 16. In addition, the change of newspaper printing color has further reduced the profit margin of printing plants. Many city newspapers have changed from double-sided color printing to single-sided color + single-sided black and white, which has a greater impact on printing enterprises than reducing printing sheets. With the same human and material investment, the income of printing plants has decreased by one third. Ma Kaiwu said

while the print volume of newspapers is declining, newspapers negotiate with printing enterprises every year to keep pressing wages. In this regard, some printing enterprises choose to constantly adjust the structure, not only develop foreign newspaper printing, but also eliminate businesses that do not make money. For example, by expanding the business of foreign newspapers, the foreign newspapers of Xinhua news agency printing company account for 70%. For another example, the printing business volume of Nanfang newspaper printing branch, which has always attached importance to foreign newspaper business, has increased this year. As of November, the printing volume increased by 4% and the output value increased by 5%. We print foreign newspapers on behalf of foreign newspapers with an annual printing volume of 1billion pairs, leading the national newspaper printing enterprises. Clients include people, reference news, Wen Wei Po in Hong Kong, Li Bao in Macao, etc. General manager liujinrong said

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control investment lean production

newspaper printing enterprises keep calm about equipment investment under the severe situation. In the interview, only one enterprise of Heilongjiang newspaper group printing center has plans to purchase new printing equipment. Most printing enterprises talk about the investment in CTP plate making machine. For example, Xinhua news agency printing company, people's news agency printing factory and Nanfang newspaper printing branch purchased two CTP plate making machines respectively this year. Shenzhen newspaper printing is also bidding for two CTP plate making machines

newspaper printing has always relied on economies of scale. With the continuous decline of printing volume in the past two years, it has become the consensus of newspaper printing enterprises to better improve efficiency through careful management. This year, Nanfang newspaper printing branch put forward the working idea of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, focusing on management, careful calculation and ensuring benefits, focusing on printing cost control within the company. By changing the paper saving assessment methods and formulating energy consumption control measures, the purpose of refined management has been achieved. Liu Jinrong said

truking printing has mainly invested in technological innovation and refined management this year. Truking printing implements budget control and whole process cost control for the production process. This year, truking printing revised and improved the internal target management assessment mechanism of the company. Jin Zeyun, general manager, said. By formulating the annual objective assessment plan for the leaders in charge and each center, department and office, and building an assessment and assessment system that integrates multiple levels (the combination of individual indicators and common indicators), multiple departments (each center, department and each leader in charge perform their respective duties and responsibilities), and multilevel (the monthly assessment and annual assessment complement each other), truking printing has made achievements in tapping potential and reducing consumption

in addition, zhangshaoheng, general manager of Hangzhou Shengyuan Printing Co., Ltd., and Liu Xiaoming, deputy general manager of Shenzhen newspaper printing Co., Ltd., also said that systems can be developed to control consumption and reduce waste, and fixed-point purchasing units can be established through bidding to control costs

improve internal skills with new technologies

the decline in newspaper printing volume is bound to cause some newspapers to shrink printing points, and newspaper printing will develop intensively in the future. Leading Indian enterprises can rely on equipment conditions to improve service quality, improve internal skills and meet this new opportunity. Wu Guoqing, chairman and general manager of Xinhua news agency printing company, believes that the current situation of newspaper printing should be viewed in two ways

in the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, printing enterprises have said that it is very important to practice the basic skills of green printing in the future development. In the interview, the people's press printing factory and Hangzhou Shengyuan printing mentioned strengthening the use of CTP wash free plates in the future. Xinhua news agency printing company has put forward several green goals, such as developing green printing, cleaner production, and gradually passing the quality certification system certification

according to the interview, few printing enterprises apply digital printing technology to the quality inspection and evaluation standard dbj01 (3) 0 (2) 000 of external wall internal insulation board for newspaper printing. At present, Shenzhen newspaper printing can produce personalized newspapers by adding Kodak equipment to the newspaper printing machine. According to reports, the "crystal news", "Shenzhen Evening News" and "Shenzhen Special Zone News" under Shenzhen newspaper group have tried to use digital printing technology to generate personalized patterns in the blank printing area. Liu Xiaoming told that this technology can coordinate advertising operations and help advertisers carry out marketing activities such as lottery. In the future, small batch customized production can also be carried out for enterprises

uv printing will be the key business development direction of Nanfang newspaper printing branch in the coming period. The results of the sauna d390 newspaper commercial printing experiment put into production in 2011 are expressed by the arithmetic mean of the impact energy of 10 samples. The integrated printer is equipped with a UV (ultraviolet) drying device with four towers, which can realize the printing of 30 ~ 100 grams of offset paper or coated paper, the printing of newspaper cover light coated paper and inner page paper at the same time, and the printing of journal inner pages and commercial advertisements. Liujinrong told. He said that although the acceptance of UV printing in China is not high, the future prospect is still optimistic from the development experience of foreign newspapers

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