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Shenzhen newspaper group paper bidding announcement

the group needs 20000 tons of imported and domestic paper in the third quarter of 2006, and sincere manufacturers and agents (referring to imported paper) can participate in the bidding. 1、 Instructions to bidders 1. The bidder shall comply with all necessary conditions stipulated by Chinese laws and regulations

2. This bidding directly faces the paper manufacturers with a registered capital of more than 10million yuan, and the imported paper manufacturers or agents (the authorization qualification certificate is required)

3. The quotation of domestic and imported paper shall be the warehouse price including tax delivered to the designated place of the group

4. The cover of the tender document shall be in written form in Chinese

5. From the date of receiving the announcement, with the wide popularization of the lightweight concept, the tender will be received at 17:30 from June 13 to June 16, 2006. And bring copies of business license, tax registration, legal person certificate or legal person power of attorney (all stamped with official seal), product sales performance and user list in the past year

II. Project introduction

this project uses Gauss Newsland (Japan) printing machine, with a maximum of 130000 printing sheets/hour; Roland colorman (Germany) printing machine, with a maximum of 150000 printing sheets/hour. The paper provided by the bidder shall meet the needs of normal production of the equipment. Now, 20000 tons of paper (imported and domestic) will be purchased through public bidding in the second half of 2006

III. deadline for bidding

bidders should mail or send their bids to the material supply center of the group before 17:30 on June 23, 2006

address: astm-d642 material supply center, 7th floor, Shangbao building, Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen contact: 0755 -,

Fax: 0755 -

zip code: 5180 this is for the commercialization of composite materials in the future and other materials. If you want to help you, 34

information source: Shenzhen business daily

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