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The newspaper industry is developing in the process of reorganization

Taiwan's "China Times" has laid off staff, the American newspaper industry is blowing the wind of layoffs, and the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune have jointly strengthened online advertising services. The development of traditional newspapers seems to have reached a bottleneck

facing the shackles of tangible operations such as printing and distribution, newspapers are at a disadvantage. Where to go? I believe that the newspaper industry is in the stage of reorganization, and only high-quality newspapers can survive in the end

the newspaper is closed. Before the popularity of Internet, 201 the maintenance and repair of Jinan steel bar bending testing machine has a good prospect in the field of new materials for seven years. However, Internet does give newspapers a heavy blow. With more choices, readers naturally lose. Newspapers are more contradictory. There are free newspapers to read. Who still spends money on newspapers, not to mention that in these days, if you can save money, you can save it

The disappearance of newspapers is not entirely due to the Internet. Most newspapers have their own positions and political opinions, and an objective position is desirable. The policy of running a newspaper is no longer appropriate, because the position is not correct and the report is reversed, and it is clearly biased towards a certain power group. Traditional media is often a tool for powerful groups to spread ideas, but the Internet has broken this pattern

the newspaper industry has a huge expenditure, and advertising is the lifeblood. As long as the advertising station can gradually take away the newspaper advertising, the newspaper's financial resources will be exhausted, and its profits will fall, and its losses will be beyond its means. Once layoffs and cuts are reduced, and work is aggravated, it will inevitably affect morale and quality, and make newcomers flinch from joining the newspaper industry, resulting in talent withering

you can't just change your image

in recent years, newspapers around the world have done everything possible to miniaturize. Some people have changed their editions in order to attract young readers, making the arrangement of newspapers magazine, colorful and attractive. The revision is not a bad thing, but if you overcorrect, it will make old readers feel dazzled, and the newspaper will become readable, and in the end it may not reach both ends

the merger of the newspaper industry and the sharing of resources is not a good idea. There is less competition and there is no interest. After all, competition is the law of the market, and don't forget that readers have other choices

the content is gold, which is the golden rule of the book and newspaper industry. Many times, I also buy books and magazines, because there are the materials I want, and it is worth spending a lot of money to buy the materials that the professional and technical team of Jinan experimental machine factory produces experimental machines strictly according to the requirements

from my daily observation, I found that many of my relatives and friends have subscribed to many newspapers besides reading newspapers, and some have specially ordered newspapers for their children, because compared with the above, reading newspapers is not harmful to the eyes, and they can learn pure Chinese and English and new vocabulary. Sometimes the Chinese in school is really bad, which has a negative impact on teenagers

young people don't like reading newspapers, which doesn't happen until after the emergence of networks. Middle aged readers may want to think about how old you start reading newspapers. Most people read supplements in middle school, and read newspapers seriously and pay attention to current affairs after graduation or work

young people will one day enter middle age, suffer from old age, and turn to newspapers. As long as newspapers uphold professional ethics and give full play to the charm of words, they will eventually have bosom friends

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