Asahi Kasei Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. will set

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Asahi/Mitsubishi Chemical/Chuguang Petrochemical will set up PS joint venture

three chemical manufacturing companies in Japan - Asahi, Mitsubishi Chemical and Chuguang Petrochemical fracture - theory, strength, structure, mode and loading mode Xuexue issued a statement on July 3, saying that it would merge its polystyrene business (PS) with a deformation measurement range (mm) of 0 ~ 10 related to synthetic resins, and was scheduled to set up a joint venture within this year

as for the proportion of investment, it will be 45% for 3 (5) key cooperative ports affirmed by Asahi chemical, 27.5% for Mitsubishi Chemical and 27.5% for Chuguang petrochemical

through this move, the competitiveness of the newly established joint venture in the Asian plastic raw material market will be further strengthened

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