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According to the news, Apple plans to add artificial intelligence to the new Apple TV

after it was reported that Apple also plans to launch a hardware device similar to Amazon smart speaker echo, the relevant statement pointed out that this product will be presented as a new Apple TV, and will have a built-in loudspeaker and microphone, so that users can directly start the digital assistant Siri through voice control, At the same time, the speed closed-loop control interaction is realized by using single-chip microcomputer

according to VentureBeat, the key element of Apple's plan to add this kind of technology to the next Apple TV is the use of carbon nanotubes, which is similar to the design of Amazon smart speaker echo. It is expected to integrate the loudspeaker and microphone functions, so that users can directly start the digital assistant Siri through voice control, and interact with Siri in a natural voice way. For example, ask Siri to select recent popular albums or play specific movie clips

before that, relevant news also pointed out that Apple plans to open Siri application resources to third-party developers, so that Siri application services can be more extensive, and can interact with multiple third-party app content. For example, users can directly enable third-party apps to execute specific services through Siri. At the same time, Apple also plans to make Siri applications more complete, so as to compete with Amazon Alexa voice and Google assistant

non tensile test is one of the most widely used methods to study the mechanical strength of materials. At present, most market views believe that technology manufacturers such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have invested in the development of artificial intelligence. At present, Apple seems to have made no significant breakthrough in this regard, but it is expected that more specific applications of artificial intelligence will be announced during WWDC 2016 this year

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