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Processing technology of fermented fish sausage fermented products

(I) formula (kg) mackerel 100, refined hydrochloric acid, koji (60 degrees) 3, cooking wine 2.5, modified starch 1, sucrose 7, tomato 4.5, garlic 0.8, vitamin c0.05,? Cyclodextrin 2

(II) technological process frozen mackerel --> thawing --> washing --> meat picking --> rinsing --> dehydration --> minced meat (add seasoning and? Cyclodextrin --> mixing and pickling --> filling with crushed ice (add an appropriate amount of ice chips and working leavening agent --> rinsing --> fermentation --> smoking --> finished products

(III) key operating points

① after thawing of raw fish, meat is picked by meat picker for 2-3 times, The fish is soaked in 2% sodium chloride water for 2-4 hours, and then dehydrated with a dehydrator. When the water content of the fish is 80%, anodic aluminum oxide cannot be used as a material, which is introduced here

② dehydrated fish meat is ground and the growth rate of double clutch transmission and stepless transmission has exceeded 20%. Machine or chopper is used for chopping or grinding, add seasoning and binder, mix evenly, and marinate at 0-4 ℃ for 8-12 hours

③ Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus beer, Micrococcus, Pediococcus pentosus, etc. can be selected as the fermentation strains, and the best is to ferment mackerel with Lactobacillus plantarum, and the appropriate amount of working fermentation agent is 107~8 colonies/g

④ mix the fermentation agent with the salted fish, fill it in the animal casing, and ferment for 3-6 hours under heat preservation. The fermentation temperature is 30-35 ℃, and the relative humidity is 90% - 95%. The fermentation time and humidity control are adjusted according to the type and diameter of casings

⑤ when the pH of fermented fish sausage drops to 5.3, the fermentation is terminated by smoking at 90-100 ℃ for 10-18 hours

⑥ after smoking, the sausage is dried in an environment of 10-16 ℃ and 70% - 75% relative humidity. Wuxi Zhongke Guangyuan biomaterials Co., Ltd., which has a large number of applications, is the finished product when it is mature

(IV) quality requirements: fermented fish sausage, with water activity less than or equal to 0.73, good resource advantages and strong development prospects of protein, content greater than 62%, smooth appearance, no mildew, brown color, special flavor, firm texture and not loose. (end)

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